7 Really Weird Things You Need To Know About Montreal's Cat Cafés

Like the number of cat shrines.
7 Really Weird Things You Need To Know About Montreal's Cat Cafés

Photo Cred - catcafemontreal

The concept of cat cafés began in Taiwan about 20 years ago and has spread rapidly all around the world since then. Luckily for us, Montreal is home to North America’s first cat cafés, and are Canada’s only permanent cafés of this kind. The first to open was Le Café Des Chats on St. Denis, quickly followed by Chat L’Heureux on Duluth. Both cafés have adopted all of their cats from Montreal shelters based on how well they get along with both other cats and humans.

The best part about cat cafés is that you get all the benefits of having a cat, you can play with them and hang out with them, but you don’t have to clean it's litter or pay to fix your leather furniture after your cat scratches the absolute crap out of it.

Without further ado, here is a comprehensive list of all of the most important factors when considering which café to visit.

Photo Cred - Le Café Des Chats

1. The Cat Pee Smell

While neither café has that overly horrendous cat pee smell, when you walk into Cafés Des Chats, you can immediately tell that cats lives there. I don’t know what magic Chat L’Hereux has used, but it’s as fresh as a daisy.

2. Cat Shrines

The motto at Café Des Chats is “Cat is King”, but the amount of cat paraphernalia at Chat L’Heureux might have you thinking they should be the ones referring to the cats as their rulers. Not only are their walls covered in cat paintings and their display cabinet filled with cat knick knacks, but they have two giant TV screens with just a still picture of a cat on it.

3. Cat Puns

Thankfully neither café missed out on the glaring opportunity to riddle their menu with cat related puns. So when you go, you could just ask for boring old a Chai Latte or you could order a super adorable and fun Chat(i) Latte. It will definitely make it taste better.

4. Cat Bonding

Even though Café Des Chats is smaller than Chat L’Heureux, they've given up about 1/3 of their seating space to make a place where you can attempt to play with the cats. They have a big rug with bean bag chairs and tons of cat toys so you can attempt to force a love connection with your new feline friends.

5. The Cutest Cats 

Let’s be real, this is probably the most important point when comparing these two cafés. While Café Des Chats definitely had the fluffier cats, Chat L’Heureux wins out in cuteness, hands down. And as everyone knows, cuteness level affects the quality of the Instagram pictures you’re going to post later, which, really, is one of the main reasons you’re going there.

6. Cat Hair In Your Food

Granted that both cafés are unbelievably clean, the extreme fluffiness of Café Des Chats' cats means that your chances of a little bit of King Kong or Snow floating on over into your food goes up ever so slightly.

7. Most Hospitable Cats

The cats at Chat L’Heureux were by far the better hosts. They were all out in the front of the café and playing with the customers, while most of the cats at Café Des Chats just sat in their back secret room where people could only look at them longingly through a window.

For more info, click here for Chat L'Heureux and here for Café Des Chats.

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