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7 Reasons Autumn Is The Best Season In Montreal

Pumpkin spice latte, anyone?
7 Reasons Autumn Is The Best Season In Montreal

Can you believe that it’s autumn already? I heard that the older you get, the fast time flies, and apparently it’s true. It seems like we just finished putting away our winter coats - and now we’re already pulling them back out.

While Montreal is beautiful all year around, Montreal autumns are absolutely magical. And here’s why:

1. Relief from the summer heat

Sure, autumn in Montreal means overcast skies and rainy afternoons - I mean, usually. It seems that this year’s autumn is turning into a more reasonable extended summer. But’s face it, anything beats this summer’s killer heat wave. I think the moment we all reached for our sweaters was the moment Montreal sighed in relief.

2. Pumpkin spice everything

The coffee, the candles, the sweets… I don’t know who came up with the beloved Starbuck’s latté, but they deserve way more credit. Because no matter how much some people roll their eyes and scoff at the pumpkin spice craze, calling it the flavour of basic white girls, everyone adores it, whether or not they care to admit it. It’s quickly become a modern tradition and makes us all feel a little cozier.

3. Perfect weather

For the vast majority of people, autumn is the most comfortable season in this city. The winter is blisteringly freezing, the spring tends to be cold, wet, and erratic, and summer, while usually wonderful, is humid and sometimes melt-your-sneakers-on-the-asphalt-sweat-in-your-sleep hot. But autumn? The morning chill is comfortable with a sweater on, the afternoons are warm, and the nights are cool enough to sleep soundly. And, combined with woolly sweaters and pumpkin spice lattés, the fog is soothing, not depressing.

Photo cred - unexplainedmysteries

4. Halloween

Do I need to explain this one? Halloween is one of those rare holidays that people of all religions can cherish. Costumes, candy, mischief, and the macabre, all wrapped into one perfect evening. What more could you want?

5. Thanksgiving

Although it’s a weird consequence of the sordid history europeans have with native americans, Thanksgiving has become one of the most beautiful holidays of the season. Everyone gets a long weekend off of school, gathers with friends and family, eats a ton of comfort food, and cherishes one another. And unlike Christmas, there’s no pressure to buy gifts or drive on black ice - just show up and enjoy everyone’s company. And bring pie. You can never have too many pies.

6. Fall fashion

From a high fashion standpoint, fall is extremely important. Vogue’s September issue dictates the next year’s trends and the fall fashion shows are the big ones. For the rest of us mortals, autumn means boots, jackets, sweaters, scarves… all of the style we had to forgo in the summer in favour of breathable fabrics and will abandon when it snows for winter gear.

7. The changing leaves and migrating birds

Lastly, autumn is just beautiful in this part of the world. The geese fly overhead as they head south, the leaves on the trees that grow on Mount Royal and line the streets change colours and fall, allowing us to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of a year winding down. Without the holidays and trends, autumn remains the most beautiful season in this city, and I’m sure we’re all thrilled that it’s come around once again.

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