7 Reasons Day Drinking Is Better Than Night Drinking


Although night drinking (regular drinking?) is fun, day drinking is actually a whole lot better. There's nothing like stumbling through downtown Montreal at 2PM on a Wednesday, a little tipsy and enjoying life. Plus, day drinking is the great equalizer. You're on your lunch break from work? Grab a drink. You're enjoying summer with your friends? Pitcher of sangria, please. You're chilling on the beach? Tell me there isn't a bottle of beer chilling in the sand with you. The fun doesn't stop here, my friends. Continue reading for more reasons why day drinking is the king of all summer activities:

1. It's Better For You

Okay, you're going to have to follow me a little bit with this one. Wine is good for you. Beer might make you smarter. And through my many years as a day drinker, I know that wine and beer are mostly daytime drinks. I also know that if you're chilling on a terrasse, enjoying a lunchtime sangria, you're probably less likely to start slamming down 5 tequila shots in a row. Health benefits + moderation? Is there any more justification you need to get to a 3 Brasseurs stat and order a Rasp-Beer-Y Lemonade?

2. It's An Art Form

Real talk, anyone can drink at night. Unwind after a long day at the office? Sure. Go HAM at your favourite club after a stressful week? Why not. But it takes a true artist to be able to balance daytime responsibilities with daytime indulgence. One cocktail too many and you could be stumbling to the office with a little more pep than you bargained for. Take one for the team and finish that pitcher of beer, and you might be going to class a little too eager to learn. It's a balancing act. Only true artists excel at it.

Photo cred - Matias Garabedian

3. Public Transportation

Safety first, folks. When you drink late at night, bus schedules are all messed up - and the metros don't even operate. Which is terrible. It's a travesty. But guess what? Day drinking means you can proudly board the bus. Day drinking means you can use the metro. Day drinking means that the money you pay for your Opus is finally working for you. Just be prudent and make sure you're travelling with a friend, so you don't get into any trouble or miss your stop in your drunken haze. Also, don't be the obnoxious wasted person on the bus. Nobody likes that guy.

4. 5 à 7

Drink specials. Drink specials everywhere. Seriously, who among us hasn't had the euphoric feeling of checking their bill and realizing they've gotten their favourite drink on the cheap? Nobody, that's who. A $10 drink always tastes better when it's $5, anyway.

5. Less Bad Decisions

Ever hear the saying, "Nothing good happens after 3AM"? It's because nothing good ever happens after 3AM. Unless you're going home and falling into a peaceful sleep. With less shenanigans taking place during the day, and none of your wilder friends out to influence you, chances are you'll come off your drunken buzz in a few hours with no regrets. And maybe no hangovers, either.

6. Terrasses

Not to say that you can't drink on a terrasse at night, but honestly, why would you even want to? During the day you can bask in the glorious weather and take in the beautiful sights. At night, all you can do is be chilly and watch drunken shenanigans. You might even catch someone puke. Not fun, friends, not fun at all. Terrasses aren't the only awesome place where you can day drink, though, especially now that it's summer. Grab a mojito by the pool, chug some beer at Beach Club - the possibilities are endless.

7. Better Drinks

Don't get me wrong, endless tequila shots are great. And ordering a vodka cranberry because you have no clue what else to shout at the bartender is always fun. But getting shitfaced at night, you kind of miss out on things like mimosas. And sangria. And cosmopolitans, and beer cocktails, and lychee martinis. The list of what is appropriate to enjoy during the day goes on and on. And somehow, they're a whole lot tastier than rum and cokes and rows of vodka shots.

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