7 Reasons To Eat Breakfast Everyday

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7 Reasons To Eat Breakfast Everyday

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You've heard it numerous times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that you should never skip it. Over many years, science has both been trying to prove and disprove the fact that breakfast is necessary. However, with most things in life, people tend to dismiss the importance of the idea. This idea would be a healthy, complete, balanced breakfast. Your Timmy's run does not constitute as a healthy breakfast. Below, I've listed numerous reasons why you should ALWAYS eat breakfast. For the simple sake of keeping this article brief I will not go into the studies that are associated with non-breakfast believers but it is definitely worth a read into, if this topic interests you.

1. Boosts your energy. Having breakfast as soon as you wake-up does two things for you, it controls your sugar levels (glucose) and it provides you with fibrous nutrients that prevent you from being sluggish. Eventually, you won't rely on that cup of coffee.

2. Boosts you metabolism. Havard created a study of 17,000 men and those who ate a balanced breakfast with whole-grains and proteins weighed significantly less than those who did not. Why? Because your body needs to have frequent meals at your resting metabolic rate to be working at its highest capacity in a state of thermogenesis.

3. Improves memory. Proven to increase cognitive function in short-term memory (primarily in teenagers and children). Therefore if you are looking forward to acing a test, you better start fuelling up in the am.

4. Improves your mood. Surprisingly, our moods are directly linked to the foods we eat, and the exercise we do. Simply adding breakfast won't make you the happiest person in the world. You must choose your sources wisely. By feeling energized, relaxed, and less-stressed your body will feel at ease therefore improving your mood (making it very consistent).

5. Weight-loss. The idea of eating breakfast is that it controls your appetite - people tend to overeat at lunch or dinner for those people who often skip breakfast. This is a sign of your body going into starvation mode because it hasn't received enough calories to sustain itself. Researchers have also proven that those who consume breakfast frequently were able to keep off unwanted pounds.

6. Prevents diseases. Havard did a 16-year study with men aged 45-85 and found that those who skipped breakfast had a 30% chance of coronary heart disease than those who did not. The same researchers found that eating a balanced breakfast decreased women's chances of diabetes and obesity because it prevented mid-morning snacking and overeating.

7. Enhances your overall health. As an obvious one, this is a good habit to get into - it also sets a good example for you kids (or future children) and it helps you meet the recommended amounts of macronutrients and micronutrients. Which are, proteins, fats, vitaminD, fibre, calcium etc.

So, the best ideal breakfast would be eggs, oats, with fruits such as berries. There are tons of different healthy breakfast options and the internet is loaded with them so essentially you should have no excuse! Cheers to being a better, healthier you!

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