7 Reasons Why Being A Short Girl Is Totally Amazing

Confession time! I'm actually 4'10 and a half, and yes, the half is important. Being short means a lot of things; too many short jokes, too many clothes to hem, too many elbows to the head, and the list goes on. But being short has so many perks, and truth be told, I love my height and I wouldn't change it for the world. After all, "great things comes in small packages" right?

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1. Being short allows you to fit in kids sizes

Let's be real, who wants to pay more for their clothes when you can fit in kids sizes and pay so much less for the same thing. From shoes, to jackets, us short folks save money without sacrificing style. BONUS!

2.  Being short means people feel bad for you and let you stand in front of them at events

We've all had times where we were watching a free public concert or show and some nice person noticed that you were so short that you couldn't see and they let you go in front of them. You can also easily squirm your way to the front, but I believe in good people.

3. Being short allows you to not be seen

Its always nice to go unnoticed, especially when you're working. When you're short, you can literally walk through racks of clothes and take a mini break and your boss will never notice, cause they can't see you! Winning!

4. Being short means you can go trick-or-treating for at least 3 more years

Every short person has taken full advantage of this. Two words, free candy.

5. Being short is an excuse for you to not go on the big scary rides

If you're like me, and hate rollercoasters, you know that this trick is the best one in the book. "Oh man, I'm too short, I can't go on that ride! What a bummer!" Not. Phew, that was a close one.

6. Being short automatically makes you cute

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What's the first thing you hear when you tell people your height? "Aw! That's so cute!" Better than nothing, am I right?

7. Being short allows you to squirm through any crowd

This is the best, because if you're like me and hate crowds, your main goal when stuck in one is to get out of there asap. Being short allows you to squirm through crowds so easily because you're not actually hitting anybody cause you're so small. And if you are, people don't usually look down to see who hit them, they look from side to side, therefore you can basically get away with murder. Just kidding, you can simply be super sneaky and it's great.

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