7 Reasons Why Montreal Is The Very Best During The Winter

Photo Cred - Igloofest

Winter in Montreal can start to seem like a blackhole of snow, ice, and frost bite. It’s not exactly what one would describe as mild - especially with the winter that's been predicted for Montreal this year, filled with lots of snow and even more cold temperatures.

While for many, it can seem like the worst season of the whole year, Montreal’s winter actually has plenty of redeeming qualities. So bundle up and grab your skates, because once you embrace the Montreal winter, it's actually pretty amazing.

1. Fewer people

Come winter, there are fewer tourists and more people staying indoors full time, meaning everywhere else is significantly less busy - a welcomed break from how crazy it can get in the summer.

2. Poutine Week

Poutine is one of the best things about Montreal all year round, but in the winter we dedicate an entire week to it, and it really can’t get much better than that. Last year 30 different restaurants participated in the competition, each offering their version of poutine for Montrealers to try.

3. It’s a bonding experience

People love to complain, especially about the cold and ice, so Montreal’s winter will guarantee that you always have something to talk about.

4. Outdoor Events

Montreal has embraced its cold season and decided it’s just another opportunity to have even more killer festivals and events. Igloofest, Nuit Blanche and Fête Des Neiges have all become Montreal staples and there's an endless amount of snow and ice related activities around Montreal. Ever wanted to try ice fishing or snow shoeing? They've got you covered.

Photo Cred - Andre Vandal

5. Sugar Shack Season

If you’re starting to feel any semblance of the winter blues, then you need to hit up one of the many sugar shacks in and around Montreal. There’s never been a problem that a little liquid sugar can’t fix.

6. Proximity to skiing

Luckily for us, Montreal is extremely close to tons of skiing locations so if you want to hit the slopes for the day or go for a weekend away, you can be there in a matter of minutes.

7. It’s your only break from construction

With the starting of snow comes the stopping of construction, giving us essentially the only break from it the entire year, so you should take it in while you can.