7 Reasons Why Scorpios Are The Best In Bed

Embrace your sign.

Is it just me, or do Scorpios get a bad rep? Seriously, tell anyone you're a Scorpio and watch their reaction. It probably won't be too great. But don't worry, Scorpio friends. You guys might be a little misunderstood, but I understand you. I feel you. And in honour of Scorpio season (October 23 - November 21), we've got a little good news for you - and the people in your life. Want to hear it? Well, read on for the 7 Reasons Why Scorpios Are The Best In Bed.

1. They're passionate

Okay. Let's be honest. Passion is probably a super desirable trait when you're talking about sex. Scorpios are known to be one of the most intense and emotional signs of the Zodiac, which means you can probably bet on the fact that your Scorpio partner won't lose interest in the bedroom any time soon.

2. They always keep you guessing

Never one to settle into a rut, your adventurous Scorpio partner will always be down to try something new. So if you're into spicing things up, then you're in luck. Because so is your Scorpio.

3. They're in, 100%

Remember when I said Scorpios were passionate? Yeah. Scorpios tend to give their all in everything they do, even if sometimes they present an aloof exterior. Rest assured that the Scorpio doesn't half-ass anything. Which pretty much makes them champions in bed.

4. They'll tell you what they want

Scorpios tend to value honesty above all else. This means that not only will your Scorpio appreciate you being upfront about what you want, but they'll return the favour. No mind games, friends. Only bed games.

5. They know what they're doing

Scorpios are ambitious and thrive on getting ahead. What does this mean for your and your Scorpio lover? A good time. Chances are high that your Scorpio will try their best to be the best when it comes to bedroom activities. Which brings me to my next point...

6. They're always on a quest to improve

Things didn't go so well last night? Your Scorpio is on it. Scorpios tend to love a challenge too, so if something's not going right, it'll be their mission to find out exactly what - and find out exactly how they can fix it.

7. They're resourceful

They're like the Macgyvers of sex, although to be fair the only knowledge I have of Mavgyver comes from Patty and Selma. Luckily, I know Scorpios pretty well - so I know that they can improvise in any situation. Like the pros that they are, this includes sexy situations. I'll let your imagination fill in the rest.

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