7 Reasons Why Working At Carrefour Laval Is The Best

Because who doesn't like spending their paycheque immediately?
7 Reasons Why Working At Carrefour Laval Is The Best

While working at a mall can have its downsides, it can have its perks as well. Carrefour Laval is  well known for being an expansive Montreal area mall, and it's easily one of the best places to work at, especially for a young adult looking for a part time job.

1. Free parking

One of the perks of working at Carrefour over working somewhere else is that its relatively easy to find parking (unless of course you're like me and are constantly in a rush to get a good spot that's close enough to walk to after a long 8 hour shift). Having said that, parking is free, so it's just a bonus that you don't have to worry about parallel parking on a busy street and then having to pay for your automotive independence.

2. Discount at the food court

Because who doesn't love to save money? Working at Carrefour Laval means you get to save a good 10% on your lunches and dinners, which otherwise would add up to you spending your entire paycheque on a daily meal at Thai Express. Just be aware that some places don't offer the employee discount (I'm looking at you, Subway).

Photo cred - Matthias Ripp

3. Shopping on breaks/after work

This can both be a blessing and a curse. Working at Carrefour means you often are in the know of the best sales and can easily access them on your breaks or once you're done your shift. The curse is that these sales most often start the day after payday and can put a dent in your bank account.

4. Easily accessible by bus

If you don't have the privilege of driving to work, you know that taking the bus can be a pain. However, there are many buses that access Carrefour Laval and the terminus right across the street. Good for the environment and your wallet.

5. It has some of the best stores before anywhere else

Working at Carrefour Laval has its perks. For example, you often know when a store is opening before the general public. Just a few years ago Victoria's Secret opened at this mall before it did anywhere else in Montreal, which provided the mall with some very long line ups full of people awaiting to buy underwear. You also have the opportunity to shop at these stores before many others because you are literally always at the mall.

6. Is at the centre of Laval

This is perhaps the best part of working at Carrefour. It is walking distance away from the movie theatre, Moomba and Centropolis, which holds many of Laval's best terraces and restaurants. It may not be as flashy and exciting as Montreal's downtown quarters, but having a nice place to go for drinks with your favourite coworkers when you're finally done with your long 8 hour shift is more of a blessing than you would think.

7. It has a reputation of being one of the best malls in Canada

Carrefour Laval's reputation is definitely one of the reasons why so many young people decide to apply for their part-time jobs here. There's no doubt that it is a beautiful result of our society's capitalism.

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