Reasons Why You Should Become A Vegan

How you can become a healthier, happier you.
Reasons Why You Should Become A Vegan

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As we get older we become more self-aware. Self-awareness is drawn from the person we are becoming, the person we'll be in 5 years, how we've aged, the impact we're making on our community, and the foods we put into our body. For the most part, it's believed that people are the most self-aware about their bodies at a very early age. We are constantly comparing ourselves to our peers, families, and idols. Evidently, this results to us going through different phases such as hair styles, fashion, fad diets, and of course fad trends. More so recently there has been recognition of a plant-based diet and it's been popping up everywhere in the fitness world. Is going vegan really necessary? Not necessarily but in most cases, yes. Here's why:

1. You want to lose weight without having to count calories or cut-back on food. Plant-based foods are an excellent way to keep off excess fat but provide you with enough energy without feeling hungry or going into starvation mode.

2. You're feeling tired. When you go vegan, you eliminate all the foods that are toxins to your body. Meats are often contaminated with feces, blood, and other bodily fluids.

3. You're sick or fighting a disease (or want to be more proactive). Dr.Dean Ornish was able to prove in a study that a vegan diet can actually reverse DECADES of damage to your body (organs).

4. You can't poo. Typically we need 40g of fibre per day to stay regular. Since, plants contain double the amount of fibre than our current meat-based diets then its safe to say that you will be able to do your duty without any issues.

5. You want to feed the world. Although, we would like to believe that simply eating meat only means were hurting animals - well you know what I mean - we are in fact, hurting people too. Since raising meat requires food and water it actually utilizes up resources we can use to feed people.

6. You want to save the animals. Animals such as pigs, cows, and chickens are just as intelligent as a dog or/and monkey. They can learn tricks and understand their surroundings quite well.

7. You want to save the planet. It's been noted that cars do not produce the most co2 emissions but in fact, it is cattle farms. The output of co2 by the meat industry is ridiculously high and the only thing we're doing as consumers is increasing the amount of dangerous toxins put into our body.

Okay, so you have your reasons and you cannot completely omit meat with a vegan-diet but we can all do our part if we reduce the amount of meat and meat byproducts we consume. You can start by dairy-free Mondays and/or meat-less Fridays. A little change from each one of us goes a long way. We have to set an example for our future generation and change our path from self-destruction. Are you aware?

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