7 Secret Speakeasy Bars Hidden In Montreal

Some so private you have to be a member.
7 Secret Speakeasy Bars Hidden In Montreal

Montreal is home to a lot of bars, but did you know we also have a large number of Speakeasies? A Speakeasy is a cool, hidden bar usually located inside of a restaurant (underground), where you need to find the access or even give a password. 

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Speakeasy-style bars are great because they're more intimate, less crowded and offer interesting craft or speciality drinks. 

Here's a list of 7 super secretive Speakeasies you need to see, to believe! 

7. Soubois

Where: 1106 Maisonneuve Blvd W

Why you need to go: a secret underground forest hidden in a basement. This place is a triple threat- featuring a bar, bistro and nightclub. Open Thursday-Saturday in the heart of downtown.


6. Le Mal Necessaire

Where: 1106B St Laurent Blvd

Why you need to go: follow the neon pineapple into this oasis. Located in the depth of Chinatown, with Tiki cocktails and a Mexican-style decor.


5. Henden (Le Bird Bar) 

Where: 1800 Notre-Dame Street St. W

Why you need to go: This Speakeasy is elegant with exposed brick and touches of gold and velvet. Perfect spot for that second or third date. Heden is open Wednesdays-Saturdays and is located in the heart of Griffintown.


4. Le 4e Mur 

Where: Secret Location

Why you need to go: The location of the Speakeasy is so secretive and to get inside you need to find the brick wall for hidden access. Make sure to sign up to their members only list on their website to ensure you get all the details on the Speakeasy's whereabouts. With a retro vibe and fun cocktails, this place is sure to bring you back in time when a Speakeasy was the only way to enjoy a drink...or two.


3. Bar Le Royal

Where: 1232 Mont-Royal Ave E

Why you need to go: Located below Rouge Gorge, in the heart of the Plateau lies this relaxed and comfy Speakeasy. They serve champagne and unique cocktails, with music and decor inspired by the 1920s.


2. Maison Cloakroom

Where: 2175 Mountain St

Why you need to go: Maison Cloakroom is tucked away in a high-end menswear/barber shop. This place is so intimate it only seats 25 people, but you can be in a more exclusive area- just ask to be seated in their private alcove.


1. Le Boho 

Where: 436 St. Francois Xavier Street

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Why you need to go: Boho is tucked away in the restaurant Venice. This place has a fun summer vibe- a mix between Cuba and Florida, and serves a variety of Tequila and mezcal mixed drinks. A perfect way to end the summer.


See if you can check out all these cool spots before the end of summer!