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7 Stereotypes People From The Shores Have About Montrealers

Stereotypes are sometimes true.
7 Stereotypes People From The Shores Have About Montrealers

Yes, I'm from Montreal and no I don't eat Côte St-Luc BBQ for dinner, only buy coffee form Brûlerie St-Denis and shop at Montreal Trust. Montreal is the biggest small town, and no matter what you do to be different, people from our age group generally live similar lifestyles... After having spent some time around people from the South Shore and such, it's clear that they have preconceived notions about Montrealers. Some of the stereotypes are wrong but a lot of them are accurate and it's pretty hilarious!

1. We Never leave the Island

Why would we leave the island?! There's everything you could ever want in a 20 km radius. If you were born in Montreal and aren't of Canadian/Québécois decent, and you don't necessarily have family to go visit in Candiac or wherever, there's nothing to see there. Basically there really is no point to cross the water by car unless there's a zombie apocalypse.

2. We Don't Know Anything About their "Shores"

When getting directions in Laval, for example, you can't help but ask: "is it next to the Carrefour?". The South Shore is basically Longueuil and Dix 30, other than that its a blur. Even though there are some cute areas out there, we don't really know about them.

Photo cred - PiaMTL

3. We're All Hipster Artists

We'd all like to deny our hipster tendencies, but Montrealers ARE stylish, like good-food and taking the occasional art class. Mind you, there is a difference between the occasional flower tea and wearing big circular glasses, buying strictly organic and taking bike rides around the Plateau.

4. We Always Go Clubbing

This Stereotype probably comes from the fact that people from off-the-island prefer to go out here in Montreal. But realistically most of us can't afford that, and clubbing really isn't that great. Also, the majority of us started hitting up Crescent at 16, so neighbourhood bars pretty much trump clubs at this point.

5. None of Us Own Cars

Ok, so the STM is a piece of shit, BUT compared to public transport out in the 'burbs we're sitting pretty. If you live directly downtown, having a car could be a bother, but other than that people do have cars. Where else would all the traffic come from then (duh).

6. Mount Royal Is The Only Cool Place To Be

Since we're stereotyped as hipsters, the obvious choice for an outting for an off-islander would be the Plateau area, but in reality it doesn't really matter where you go, there's always something fun to do in MTL).No hate to Plateau people - you guys really are the coolest.

7. We've Never Seen Suburbs

For some reason there's a misconception that that all of Montreal looks like downtown, full of tall buildings and businesses. Actually, neighbourhoods with houses and condos cover the majority of the island. Therefore you're wrong!

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