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7 Surprising Reasons You Should Be Eating More During The Day

Eat more to lose more.
7 Surprising Reasons You Should Be Eating More During The Day

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Below is a list of things that'll help you lose more if you simply eat more!

One of my favourite writers, Dr Jade Teta, always talks about food and  its role in satiety, energetics, weight loss and health. He's a brilliant physician who emphasizes and created the laws of metabolism. In order to understand how weight-loss works, you need to understand how the following things work: muscle-mass, metabolism, and calorie deficit diets.

Many people often think that in order to lose weight effectively you need to reduce calories then lose weight and then have a balanced metabolism. However, how it really should work is achieving a balanced metabolism first and the rest will follow.


Well, here's why:

1.  Improves your metabolism.

A strong, high metabolism aids in burning more calories over a longer period of time. Your metabolism increases by eating more. Funny how that works, right?

2. Maintains muscle mass.

If a diet is cut too quickly, you will risk losing lean mass. Dieters jeopardize 20-50% of muscle mass while trying to achieve weight-loss. Eating constantly and a variety of carbs and protein will limit imperial damage to your gains.

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3. Aids in better sleep.

Did you know you burn the most calories per hour while you are sleeping (aside from physical activity)? Also eating frequently throughout the day helps you sleep better at night.

4. Regulates blood sugar.

Studies at Oxford discovered that not eating within a 3-4 hr window plummets blood sugar levels which means your insulin falls below a certain threshold. Once that happens, your body will reserve anything it consumes as energy.

5. Trims the waistline.

When snacking frequently throughout the day it is important to control your portions, this will help your body shred off body fat and flatten out your stomach.

6. Improves concentration.

If you wait to long to eat, your body then focuses on digestion food rather than the task at hand.

7. Improves mood.

When blood sugars plummet, it wreaks havoc on your brain function making you very irritable. Constant munching improves mood and curbs appetite longer.

Personally, I eat 6-7 small meals a day calculated to my macronutrients. Having 3 larger meals with 2 snacks works well as well. Most importantly, I always suggest starting a nutrition plan by having a complete breakfast with proteins and complex carbs and a mid-morning snack. Start with that and your metabolism will rise!

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