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7 Things Only BFFs Will Understand

You might as well be the same person.
7 Things Only BFFs Will Understand

There are certain things that only best friends would tolerate or understand about each other. When you know each other as well as you do, you can always guess exactly what the other person is thinking, and you know how to get them to agree to just about anything. Between the endless laughs and memories lie these 7 understandings that only true besties have.

1. The Stare

You just asked "Does this look cute?" And that raised eyebrow stare your bestie just gave you basically means "no", but you're okay with that because she's your BFF.

2. The Look From Across The Room

That look from across the room in a crowded party. Us besties understand that that look either means one of two things: "help me" or "look at this cute boy".

Photo Cred - deeperthantherabbithole

3. Broke Shopping

Shopping while broke? Your BFF will save you by telling you everything you want to buy is useless and/or ugly... but okay you can buy those jeans.... And that purse.

4. "I'm Alright"

A true bestie know that "I'm alright" actually means come over with wine and chocolate... ok maybe some vodka too.

5. The IOU

You both owe each other $20... or was it $40 ? It doesn't matter because that IOU has been going back and forth for years and neither of you really keeps track anyways.

6. Incoherent Texts

Was that even a sentence? That text message that reads "chsuef isn erehf hrishnd, riuskrdk ?? LOL" ...yeah... you understood the entire thing.

7. Lost Items

You've had tons of your stuff at her place forever and visa versa. Your favourite lipstick is hers now, that nail polish & those jeans? Yup, hers too.

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