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Things To Buy Your Mom For Mother's Day In Montreal

Make your mom smile for a mile.

Mother's Day is quickly approaching on May 10, but you knew that already didn't you...Of course you did. You would never forget the one day of the year set aside specifically to celebrate the beautiful, strong, nurturing woman who gave you life and brought you into this world.

Alright, so it happens, no judgment. But what do you get for the very discerning mother in your life, who always knows best and who you definitely do not, under any circumstance, ever want to disappoint? Don't worry, we've got you covered. On top of a nice card (you gotta have a card), and some flowers (mothers love flowers), why not show your mom you really care by splurging on a little extra sumpthin' sumpthin' to brighten her day, with prices up to 80% off to brighten yours. Here are some ideas.

Designer handbag

Moms always seem to have a ton of handbags, but chances are she would love an update. You may have seen her collection of classic brown and black ones, but this season is all about colour. This Italian leather tote is definitely an example of a must-have handbag and the numerous zippered compartments are a big bonus.

Summer sandals

Summer is coming up and sandals are an essential part of a warm-weather wardrobe. A good rule of thumb when shopping for sandals - go for something with a padded insole for all-day comfort. Versatility is key so your busy mama can look good day and night. How about these stylish Birkenstock look-alikes for a quarter of the price.


Because all moms love blenders and margarita nights with the girls, right?


If your mom is taking a trip this summer, make her life easier with uber-practical luggage. Make sure you go for something with a four dual-wheel spinner system (trust), and I bet you didn't know they now make luggage with a built-in tablet holder for extra convenience.


Protect your mother's pretty eyes from the harsh glare of the sun with the perfect shades. While you could easily pick up some cheapie knockoffs because, you know, they're cheap, they won't last and your mom deserves better (and she'll just know). These designer Pucci sunglasses, for example, are pretty damn snazzy. And, don't worry, the fact that it cost you only a quarter of the price can be our little secret.

Home & bath accessories

Alright, so towels and such are not the most exciting gift, but chances are your mom, like most moms, really, really appreciate pretty things around the home. A matching set of high-quality Egyptian cotton towels will probably make her day, no joke.


What mom doesn't like a little bling bling? Jewelry can be very subjective, but an elegant pair of earrings can go a long way. Go for simple, graceful styles that can be worn with almost anything, which will not only make your primary caregiver feel like a million bucks, but will also earn you all the credit when she gets complimented by her friends and colleagues.

I know what you're thinking.As amazing as your mother is, you are not made of money, and this stuff looks mad expensive. Well that's because it is, but a handy little business listing Beyond the Rack makes designer brands ridiculously affordable. Everyone knows that online shopping is where it's at nowadays, and BTR makes the process so easy. Being a member (which is totally free) gives you exclusive access with serious discounts on top brands and all the latest trends for mom, as well as everyone else for that matter. Plus, free local pickups and super low shipping costs mean no nasty surprises at check-out.

Check out the Beyond the Rack website for awesome Mother's Day gift ideas like these and much more.