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7 Things To Do On Thanksgiving Weekend 2015 In Montreal

There's more than just turkey happening.
7 Things To Do On Thanksgiving Weekend 2015 In Montreal

Thanksgiving marks the season of forced family gatherings - we gorge ourselves on turkey and pumpkin pie, being thankful for having each other in our lives. Next comes Christmas, New Year’s and Easter. For some, family gatherings can be wonderful but for others... you realize just how dysfunctional your family truly is.

So instead of just having a massive feast, here are some fun and exciting things that are happening this long weekend!

1. Black & Blue

Come and party with the LGBT community as Black & Blue celebrates their silver anniversary!! For 25 years, Bad Boy Club Montreal has been throwing this legendary dance party and this year will be extra special - the theme is Red Light District. Local and international DJs will keep you pumping well into the next day. So put on your best assless chaps and party like it's your last day on earth and it will all be for a good cause too. The benefit event is to fight against AIDS. It's all happening at the Pierre -Charbonneau Amphitheater on Sunday, Oct. 11th at 10pm to 10am the 12th. If this isn't enough, there's also a Recovery Party happening at Bar Le Cocktail on monday night. Better call in sick to work.


2. Foresta Lumina at Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook

Last chance to walk through an enchanted forest in an awe-inspiring multimedia display. And it’s all at night too. Walk through 2 kms of trails guiding you to 7 different themed zones from anywhere to the land of fairies to the land of a blood thirsty creature living in the woods. Don’t delay, it ends Sunday, Oct. 11th.


Photo cred - gentside

3. Off Jazz Festival

If you prefer to hear more soothing sounds of jazz, then catch the last of the Off Jazz Festival because it ends this saturday the 10th.


Photo cred - topwalls

4. Pumpkin Picking

October means pumpkins - pumpkin pies, pumpkin lattes, and Halloween pumpkins. So head out to a pumpkin patch, argue over which pumpkin is best and end up buying a few and go crazy. And help the Thanksgiving chef make pie or start carving away for Halloween. It will keep you busy and any kids you’ve got in the family. Where is there a pumpkin farm?

Photo cred - Montreal Botanical Garden

5. Lantern Festival at the Botanical Gardens

Wow your ocular senses and gaze at the most impressive lanterns of ancient lands. The Chinese and Japanese gardens are lit up with elaborate artistic lanterns, pagodas are strewn with lights and vegetation highlighted. It’ll be like a mini trip to the Far East without the price tag. Better hurry, this magical world will end Nov.1st.


Photo cred - Shutterstock

6. Montreal Ghost Walk

Send chills up your spine by going on a ghost walk tour. Fantomes Montreal Ghosts has tours every saturday this month in Old Montreal. You'll be guided through the streets where gruesome events and unexplained phenomena took place and actors will reenact the events of the era.


Photo cred - LA Times

7. Fright Fest

Who says halloween is only one day? Get the crap scared out of you at La Ronde, not by the heart stopping rides but by goblins and ghouls and whatever nasty bloodied creatures cross your path. Every saturday and sunday this month after 5pm, beware of who or what is going to jump up at you as the undead are unleashed.


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