7 Things To Expect When Apartment Hunting In Montreal

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It’s that time of year again kiddies! Kijji and Craigslist are flooded with ads upon ads for apartments. Leases wrap up in May, which will come much faster than you think, so it’s time to start perusing the web. If you’re just leaving res, or are searching for an apartment in a new area, then this whole process can be a little nerve wracking. But don’t worry we got you covered.

1. Once You Find Something That Works Don't Wait!

Most of us can be pretty picky when it comes to looking for places to live. Whether it be your love for the Mont-Royal area, or an apartment that will take you and your cat, we all have something we can't compromise. So once you find a place that meets your needs, call right away! Places get eaten up like wildfire and you don’t want to dawdle and lose the apartment of your dreams.

2. Visit When It’s Cold

If you’re renting a place for the bulk of the school year, there is no point checking out an apartment in May. Go from some point now until March so you can make sure your potential apartment is not drafty and/or chilly. Montreal winters are hellish cold and you don't want to be feeling the chill inside your apartment!

3. If You Live In An Apartment, Expect Visitors

In Montreal it is common for people to switch up apartments from year to year. It's just the way we live! If you already have a home you are planning on leaving then expect some frequent visits from your landlord and potential tenants. Make sure to keep yourself and your roommates updated on when they’re coming. There is nothing worse than getting out of the shower and realizing someone is viewing your home.

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4. Get Your Roomies On Lock

If you’ve casually talked to your pals in Grey Nuns about living together, I hate to break it to you, but that isn't good enough. You’ve got to be serious when looking for apartments, or else you’ll end up looking for both 5 bedrooms and 2 bedrooms simultaneously. Figure out with whom you want to shack up with, then start pounding the pavement.

5. Don’t Fall Into The Suburb Temptation

Yes, the apartments in Laval are gorgeous and cheap, but in the long run they will never be worth it. It may seem like a good idea at the time and you’ll think you’ll save so much money. But the commute from a downtown campus to the burbs would make anyone miserable. Trust us and stay in the area.

6. Ask A Lot Of Questions

Yep, you’re probably being annoying, but it doesn’t matter. You don’t want to end up falling in love with a place and realize there is a mouse problem or that you have to walk half a mile to do your laundry. Write out a list of everything you are curious about and make sure the landlord answers you! Montreal landlords can be brash and intimidating, they're notorious for that, but don't let them blow over your questions. If something seems like a problem then it probably is.

7. Beware Of Nice Pictures

A good picture can honestly make an apartment look completely different than it actually is. Nice pictures are generally taken during the day when the light is pouring into the apartment, and the camera is placed at strategic angles to make the room look bigger, the ceilings look higher etc. This can be especially dangerous when it comes to apartments in Montreal because the walls are generally white which can also make the place look bigger. While this doesn’t necessarily mean the apartment is crap, there is also no point in getting your hopes up over a picture. You’ll never truly get the feel of an apartment until you visit!