7 Things You Can Do In Montreal This Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Poutine week, music, outdoor winter activities, and more!
7 Things You Can Do In Montreal This Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Hello Montreal! Is it just me, or did January zip right by? I'm not complaining by any means, because when you look at the bright side, spring is only a few weeks away!

But before spring officially comes around, there are still a couple solid weeks of winter (sorry), but the good news is these are the last few weeks to fully embrace this winter wonderland before it literally melts away.

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TL;DR Below are listed 7 activities in which you can participate this coming weekend in Montreal.

That said, there's a ton of great city-wide food festivals to check out this weekend, such as La Poutine Week and Happening Gourmand. There are also two major family-oriented winter activity festivals going on, Fetes Des Neiges and Les Jeux D'hivers. 

If you're more about the hibernation vibes, you can check out all the awesome original content coming out on Netflix this weekend.

Have a great weekend Montreal, and happy February!

1. Take advatage of the last weekend to attend Igloofest Montreal! 

Where: Quai Jacques Cartier // Old Port
When: January 17th – February 2nd

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2. Visit restaurants participating in La Poutine Week starting this weekend!

Where: Participating restaraunts (see more info)
When: February 1st-7th

More info

3. Book a table for the last weekend of Happening Gourmand, a city-wide food festival!

Where: Participating Restaurants (see more info)
When: January 10th – February 3rd

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4. Check out the penultimate weekend of "Fête Des Neiges" at Parc Jean Drapeau

Where: Parc Jean Drapeau // Metro Jean Drapeau
When: January 19 to February 10 // Saturdays & Sundays from 10am-5pm

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5. Check out the FREE "Winter Games," an outdoor winter activity fest at the Olympic Parc of Montreal

Where: Parc olympique de Montréal // 4549 av Pierre-de-Coubertin
When: Every Saturday & Sunday from January 26th until March 9th

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6. Visit the Old Port's iconic Natrel skating rink this weekend

Where: Natrel Skating Rink // Old Port
When: Saturday & Sunday // 10am-10pm

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7. Hibernate and enjoy the most anticipated Netflix releases of the weekend, like Russian Doll

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Happy February!

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