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7 Types Of Montreal Student Roommates You’ll Live With Before You Graduate

We've all lived with a Casa-Nova...
7 Types Of Montreal Student Roommates You’ll Live With Before You Graduate

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When you’re a student it is normal to be a bit of a nomad. You keep your life small enough to pack into a box, and don’t get too attached to any apartment. Because chances are, you’re probably going to move within the year. And when switching apartments, switching roommates is an inevitable outcome. It’s good to try out living with different people in order to understand your own likes, dislikes and personal habits. And if you haven’t lived with one of these roommates yet, we promise, you will.

1. The Library Dweller

It is safe to say that some people are more comfortable studying at home than others. Having your bed and a fridge full of food only steps away can tempt you away from your work. So, if your roommate is serious about their studies, there is a chance they will spend more time with their books than at home. Your place will be a landing pad for them to eat (a lot), sleep (maybe), shower (unlikely) and then get back down to it. And during exams, don’t be surprised if your roomie heads off to Vanier or McLennan, and doesn’t come back for three days. Nothing against you, it’s just how they operate.

2. The Freelance Artist Roommate

On top of having a lot of students, Montreal also has a lot of artists. There are so many outlets to create and display art: the concerts at Divan Orange, the exhibition spaces available at Concordia, even a blank parking lot wall is a platform for street art. If your roommate is a part of this community, expect large canvases, instruments, and sound equipment to take up most of the living space, along with impromptu rehearsals of lines for upcoming performances. Theses roomies definitely keep life colourful and always have the best events to go to.

3. The Take-Out Enthusiast

Some people can honestly not withhold from the temptation of eating out. Unfortunately for them, Montreal is the worst place to have this problem because there are so many restaurants. With Ramados and New System Barbecue available day in and out, a take-out obsession is not uncommon in roommates. It's okay, it just means that you have more room for groceries in the fridge and your apartment always smells like French fries! The downside is the mass amount of take out containers and the weight you’ll gain from their bad influence.

Photo Cred - Anne

4. The Foreign Sub-letter

A lot of stuff can happen that can force you to get sub-letter. Your current roomie could leave for the summer or your dynamics don’t work causing someone to move out. Whatever the dilemma, sometimes a sub-letter is necessary. Generally people looking to sublet are on exchange from France or Belgium (because of the reduced tuition rates). It can be a bit nerve wracking at first, but if you keep an open mind then you have the opportunity to learn about a different culture and make a new friend.

5. The Casa Nova Roommate

An interesting thing you will learn about someone after living with them are their sexual habits. Montreal has a lot places that are great for meeting people who are down for a hook up. Having a roommate who knows their way around the booty call can be both great and… not so great. For instance loud sex can be an issue, as well as the constant stream of different Tindr ‘friends’ going through your home. However, they’re always fun to go out with because they can navigate/wingman through big crowds at Muzique and Tokyo.

6. The Non-Existent Roommate

When you live in Montreal, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed with activities. With so many opportunities with schools, jobs, internships, relationships and personal projects, you can find yourself constantly on the go. If your roomie of choice is EXTRA involved, then don’t be surprised if they don’t feel like a roommate at all. Be honest and determine if you’re the kind of person who likes sharing a space with a homebody.If you are, then be sure to room with someone who is not too caught up in the Montreal hustle.

7. The Perfect Match Roommate

Finally, Montreal is also a great place to find your soul(room)mate. Whether it be in one of the many student residences, in class, or dancing like maniacs at Apt. 200, the person who you room best with is out there in this city!

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