7 Unique Romantic Winter Getaways Less Than 2 Hours From Montreal

Nature-escape bubbles, refuge pods, magical winter tree houses, and more!
7 Unique Romantic Winter Getaways Less Than 2 Hours From Montreal

Quebec is a nature-lovers paradise. It's hard to imagine this when you're stuck driving through crumbling concrete highways around Montreal, but drive one hour in any directions and you will only find beautiful and peaceful Canadian forest or countryside for miles.

That said, there are many secluded and tucked away regions of Quebec that are perfect for a romantic nature getaway. We've done the research for you, scoping out the most unique and interesting spots, accomodations, and nature resorts for the perfect winter getaway.

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So whether you only have an afternoon to spare, one night, or an entire long weekend, there is an exciting winter escape on this list that's perfect for you and bae to connect.

1. Rent a cozy and rustic "refuge pod" at Au Diable Vert

Where: 169 chemin Staines Glen // Sutton
Distance from Montreal: 1 hour 20 minutes

Escape to the Eastern Townships and rent a rustic Refuges Pod for the perfect nature getaway. Au Diable Vert is all about exploring and enjoying the surrounding nature. This is for the couple that wants to spend most of their days outdoors.

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2. Rent a unique nature-escape "bubble" at Hebergement Les Pieds Sur Terre

Where: 3160 Rang 6 // Saint-Calixte
Distance from Montreal: 1 hour

There's no better way to completely immerse yourself in nature. Located in the Laurentian region, hebergement les pieds sur terre is the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors while enjoying the coziness and comfort of the indoors.

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3. Rent a romantic "tree house" at Kabania 

Where: 2244 chemin du Grand Duc // Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci
Distance from Montreal: 90 minutes

These stunning rustic cabins offer a little more shelter and refuge than some of the other rentals on this list. Kabania also offers a social experience, similar to a hostel, with common recreation areas where you can hang out and get to know the other guests of this wilderness resort.

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4. Rent a cabin with SEPAQ in the wilderness of Parc Du Mont Tremblant 

Where: Parc Du Mont Tremblant
Distance from Montreal: 2 hours

Via Mathieu Dupuis | © Sépaq

If you're already big into the great outdoors, you're probably familiar with SEPAQ (Société des établissements de plein air du Québec). Through SEPAQ you can rent some modern and cozy accomodations such as cabins, tipis, and yurts throughout the parks of Quebec, including Parc National du Mont-Tremblant.

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5. Stay in a magical forest dome at Centre De L'hêtre for a unique nature experience

Where: 39 Chemin Fleming // Lac-Beauport
Distance from Montreal: 3 hours

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Centre De L'hêtre is a little over 2 hours away, but it's totally worth the extra drive. Located outside Quebec City and only 3-hours from Montreal, these magical forest domes are available for rent. The dome is ideal for two people — pure romance anyone? But they can also be perfect for a solitary meditative retreat when you just need to unplug and be alone.

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6. Rent a "glamping pod" at one of Quebec's best nature spas, Natur'eau

Where: 22 Chemin Natur'eau // Mandeville
Distance from Montreal: 90 minutes

Natur'eau is a nature spa that you can escape to for the day, or the entire weekend. They boast stunning outdoor spa facilities that allow you to fully unwind and relax in nature. And they also feature cozy and fully equipped accomodations such as chalets and "glamping pods" if you want to get the full weekend experience and stay a night or two.

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7. Spend the day unwinding and relaxing at Polar Bear's Club

Where: 930 Boulevard des Laurentides, Piedmont, QC
Distance from Montreal: 45 minutes

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If you only have a short afternoon to getaway, this nature spa is the perfect spot. Its affordable and beautiful rustic facilities will give you the impression you're hundreds of kilometers from Montreal, when, really, you're a quick 50 minute drive away. It's the prefect spot to unwind with friends or someone special.

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