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7 Waterparks That Are Worth Taking A Road Trip To From Montreal

Summertime thrill-seekers, rejoice.
7 Waterparks That Are Worth Taking A Road Trip To From Montreal

Alright, who else here is proud to say that they're in a relationship with summer? Go ahead, admit it. It's okay to love summer more than people. I know I do.

What can I say? Summer is legit full of awesome things to do. Like, for example, going to visit your favourite waterpark and plunging into a cold pool of water after a long, thrilling drop.

If you have yet to find your very own waterpark bae, or if you're just down to find a new, awesome place to experience, then don't worry. I've got your back.

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1. Calypso

2015 Calypso St, Limoges, ON

Chances are, you - or someone you know - has made the trek out to Calypso at least once in their lives. This isn't Montreal-specific, though. It seems as though Calypso is uniformly popular throughout the country.

Honestly, there's a really good reason as to why Calypso is so insanely popular. With over 16 attractions - including one that's been named the tallest waterslide tower in North America -the fun levels here? Yeah. They're off the charts.


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2. Parc Aquatique Mont Saint-Sauveur

350 Saint-Denis Ave, Saint-Sauveur, QC

Okay, full disclosure: I have been here way too many times to count. I honestly love this place... and, no, it's not just because it has one seriously awesome hot/cold bath area.

Saint-Sauveur is just fun AF. They've got about 25 different attractions for you to enjoy, and although they're all super thrilling, the Colorado River ride is by far my favourite. Strap on your helmet and prepare for one seriously fun time, friends.

Oh, and to make your trip really worthwhile, make sure to stick around and browse Saint-Sauveur's awesome restaurants and outlet malls. A day full of fun, food, and shopping? Sign me TF up!


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3. Splash Works

9580 Jane St, Vaughan, ON

True talk, I firmly believe that every single person should go to Splash Works at least once in their lives. Sure, it might be a slightly longer road trip - but, hey, half the fun's in getting there! Plus, it's more than worth the trek.

This spot is seriously fun, boasting a bunch of high thrill rides (and a few low-thrill ones, too, for those of us who prefer to keep things less intense), right inside of Canada's Wonderland. Which means, of course, that you can have as much fun in the sun as you want, and then end your day on any one of Canada's Wonderland's amusement park rides. Sound like the perfect win-win situation? You know it.


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4. Village Vacances Valcartier

1860 Boulevard Valcartier, Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier, QC

Friends, do you love being thrilled? I know, that's a bit of a dumb question. Of course you love being thrilled. Everyone does - so, naturally, you're going to love Valcartier.

Roughly a two hour drive from Montreal, Valcariter seriously has it all. It's kind of like an awesome vacation spot, complete with restaurants, bars, boutiques, and - you guessed it - one legit amazing waterpark. The waterpark at Village Vacances Valcartier features more than ten attractions, including the "Everest" - which, btw, has been named North America's highest accelerating slide.


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5. Wild Water Kingdom

7855 Finch Ave W, Brampton, ON

If you're looking for a great spot to splash around and have some fun, then stop searching. You've found Wild Water Kingdom, and it's great.

Despite being quite a ways away, in Brampton, Ontario, Wild Water Kingdom has everything an awesome waterpark should have - fun, thrills, and good times all around.

Just a little side note, though? Although Wild Water Kingdom was awesome just the way it was, they're currently undergoing renovations for the season, so be on the lookout for an all new (and somehow even more fun?) Wild Water Kingdom super soon.


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6. Super Aqua Club

322 Montée de la Baie, Pointe-Calumet, QC

Alright, ask any one of your friends what their favourite waterpark is, and the chances are very high that they'll say Super Aqua Club. Not just because it's super close - about a half an hour drive from Montreal, in fact - but also because it's incredibly thrilling.

First of all, Super Aqua Club is massive, and has about 25 (!!) rides and attractions for you to enjoy. They've got tons of low, high and medium intensity rides, but my personal favourite? Their Diablo Le Tourbillon, which spins you around for good measure before plunging you into a pool of pure, wet fun. Enjoy, friends. Enjoy.


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7. Ski Bromont Parc Aquatique

150 Rue Champlain, Bromont, QC

True, Bromont is an ace spot to go on a skiing adventure. Did you know it's also a prime spot in Quebec's Eastern Townships to enjoy some seriously fun waterpark activities, though?

Well, you do now. About 45 minutes from Montreal, Ski Bromont's waterpark is no joke. It's got tons of rides of varying intensities, but if you love chasing thrills, I totally recommend their twisty La Tornade waterslide. Although it's not even the most intense they've got, it'll do the job, friends. Trust me on this one.


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