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7 Ways To Make Your #StudentLife Easier In Montreal

#5 Know exactly what your rights are when renting your apartment.
7 Ways To Make Your #StudentLife Easier In Montreal

If you're reading this, I going to go out on a limb and assume you are one of the city's many over-tired, under-fed, broke and completely stressed-out students. The bad news is unless you decide to just up and quite school now, the struggle will continue for at least a little while longer. The good news is, we're here to help.

While we can't write your papers, or pass your exams for you, we can at least provide some useful tips on how to make that #studentlife a little bit easier, and cheaper!

1. Invest in a 4-month OPUS card

So hopefully you are already aware of the reduced student fare on monthly STM passes, but you've probably never heard of the 4-month pass. It saves you $10 and you won't have to deal with the never-ending line-ups every month.

2. Find yourself a decent coffee shop that's not full of other sleep-deprived, stressed out students.

This city is overflowing with cafés, making it relatively easy to get your cafeein fix. Only problem is, they're generally packed with annoying student types. For those times when you need somewhere devoid of all those zombie crammers, that's not the library, check out our list of Montreal Cafés Without Tons Of Students so you can actually get some work done. And when all else fails, hit up a free Wi-Fi spot using this map.

3. Save time and energy during heavy study sessions by using

Becasue sometimes all you want is sushi when you need to get a paper done by midnight and don't have the time or energy to make dinner. Not in the mood for sushi? has dozens and dozens of cuisines to choose from many of the top restaurants in Montreal. Easy-to-use and super affordable, you're literally just a click away from your favourite foods!

4. Get mad discounts at thousands of the best stores and restaurants across Canada.

How you ask!? As a student, get yourself a Student Price Card! Th SPC Card is a student loyalty discount program offering sweet deals on everything from fashion and shoes, to food and travel, and much more. Flash your SPC Card at 120+ participating locations to receive instant savings, helping your broke-ass pay tuition.

Photo cred - @imaustinhk

5. Know exactly what your rights are when renting your apartment.

We are very lucky when it comes to cheap rent in this city. In fact, Montreal ranks as one of the lowest cost of living metropolises in Canada. But it's important to know exactly how apartment leases work here to avoid being hustled by landlords, and not get caught out by technicalities. Check out 10 Important Things You Need To Know Before You Sign A Lease In Montreal.

Photo cred - gmh

6. Claim almost everything on your taxes.

No one likes doing their tax return every spring, but as a student, every penny helps, and a healthy tax return could actually mean hundreds of thousands of pennies deposited into your aching bank account. From textbooks, to moving expenses, to your public transportation costs, the government allows all kinds of expenses to be claimed you may be unaware of. So save those receipts! Learn more here.

7. Don't lose money on your used textbooks.

Even if you like school, I know you hate paying for books. Bookstores are a nightmare, the books themselves are always unnecessarily expensive, and what's worse, is for the most part, will only ever be used once. So how about an innovative way that makes it easy to buy and sell books within the rest of the Montreal student community, so you are never left with or without that textbook for class? Yup, there's an app for that! Check it out here.

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