Why Eating Cinnamon Is One Of The Best Things You Can Do To Make You Healthier

It helps with PMS.
Why Eating Cinnamon Is One Of The Best Things You Can Do To Make You Healthier

Photo cred - yoppy

When the word cinnamon gets tossed around there are a few things that come to mind such as the cinnamon challenge, cinnamon toast crunch, and my personal favourite, cinnamon rolls. Although, with these reasons alone cinnamon has received the utmost respect it deserves but there are indeed other reasons why its the best thing since sliced bread.

Cinnamon a.k.a canela has a long history that has thrived for over thousands of years. From Indonesia, Sri-lanka, India, and many other parts of Asia cinnamon has a very exquisite and higher quality of taste that is rarely found in North America. The cinnamon found here is a downline version with cloves and citrus flavour that has been added that gives true cinnamon a very subtle flavour. Regardless of its form its still just as tasty and just as good for you.

1. Lowers blood sugar. Cinnamon has a 3-5% effect on blood sugar which is similar to older generations of diabetes medications. This is also beneficial to people who want to stabilize their mood and energy levels.

2. Has anti-infectious compounds. It's an antimicrobial which helps prevent viruses and diseases internally and topically, where it was used to fight cold and flu as well as infections like yeast infections.

3. Prevents cancer. It reduces the proliferation of cancer cells. Since cancer cells prosper off sugar cells as a means of sustainability and by having stabilized sugar levels this starves the cancer cells from flourishing.

4. Enhances brain power. Due to its insulin balancing effects, cinnamon appears to improve mental performance or cognitive function even in the presence of a high sugar diet.

5. Prevents the growth of tumors. Cinnamon may inhibit the growth of tumors by boosting the immune system’s ability to identify and kill of abnormal cells.

6. Recovers muscles. Cinnamon is a well known warming agent and it is highly effective in relaxing and relieving muscle pain.

7. Lowers LDL. Cinnamon is associated with reducing bad cholesterol and reducing cardiovascular disease.

8. Helps with PMS. Since cinnamon is high in manganese, studies indicate that a rich diet in manganese may help reduce symptoms of PMS. Women who had 5mg of manganese in their diet had fewer mood swings and cramps than those who did not.