8 Best Deals You Can Get In Montreal On St-Patrick's Day

Finally! St-Patrick's Day is here! We can day drink for a good reason. We're celebrating the Irish. Right?

Whether it's after the parade or the night before, there are tons of things going on downtown for St-Patty's day.

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The bar scene in Montreal can be a little bit overwhelming because really there are just so many places to go. And all of the Irish pubs are really going to be showing their colors this upcoming weekend. So, it's up to you to get the best deals possible.

Here are 8 of the best deals you can get this upcoming St-Patty's day:

1. $5 Menu at Mad Hatter's

Located on Crescent street, Mad Hatter's is sure to get you feeling crazy this St-Patrick's Day. This is the perfect place for some late-night partying with their dark atmosphere and of course, their $5 menu. And it's not just fries and onion rings, it's full meals. Depending on how early you like to start the festivities, you can also check out their free pool night on Wednesday.

2. $3 Cider Mimosas at The Irish Embassy Pub and Grill

The Irish Embassy Pub and Grill on Bishop street is having some great deals for St-Patty's day brunch. It will be served from 10a.m to 2p.m and you can get $3 cider mimosas and $5 bloody caesars. On top of that, there's no service charge. You will be seated on a first-come, first-serve basis so haul ass y'all.

3. 4-Hour Happy Hour at Reggie's

Concordia's Reggie's will be celebrating Shamrock Thursday for St-Patrick's this year! It will be featuring great prices on drinks all night long and a happy hour from 4-8. I like the sound of that. Come get a jump start on all the St-Patty's day festivities!

4. $60 for 10L of beer at McClean's

Do the math, that's $6 a liter! This is a great spot to start off the night with all your friends. I mean, kudos to you if you can polish off 10L of beer by yourself, but I think that this is an activity better spend with company. It comes in a giant self-serve pitcher, so come get your beer-on.

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5. 30 Cent Wings at NextDoor Pub

This year's St-Patrick's Day parade is on Sunday, so that means you can take advantage of all the great Sunday deals in the city. NextDoor Pub located on Sherbrooke street has wings for 30 cents. Whether you pop in just for the wings, or you stay for some drinks, this place is sure to not devastate your wallet. What more could you ask for?

6. $15 Breakfast at McKibbin's

Who wouldn't want to eat breakfast in a bar? This weekend at McKibbin's Bishop location, you can get breakfast and an Irish coffee for $15. That sounds like a pretty great way to start off the day if you ask me. Check out their St-Patrick's day schedule here.

7. $4 Drinks at Sir Winston Churchill Pub

Check out Sir Winston Churchill Pub, right in the middle of Crescent street's madness. It's a great place to hop into in your long night of partying. On their regular menu Smirnoff Vodka, Amaretto, Tequila Sauza White, Butterscotch, Southern Comfort, and Crown Royal are all priced at $3.99, so this place is definitely worth a stop.

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8. Enjoy Brutopia's Free Shows All Night

At Crescent street's brewery Brutopia you won't have to pay for a full night of entertainment. All you have to do is show up. Check out their list of shows so you can watch some live performances while enjoying a good brew.