8 Best Poutines In Downtown Montreal

The city's core offers up great poutines too.
8 Best Poutines In Downtown Montreal

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Ahh, poutine. The quintessential comfort food for any self-respecting Montrealer. How can you deny a bed of fries, topped with cheese curds and drowned in brown gravy? A good poutine can literally make any crappy day better, especially on a cold winter day. Montreal is no stranger to the  iconic poutine and that means an almost infinite amount of restos where you can nab one. So we thought it would be nice to break down the options a bit and compile a selection of awesome poutine places located in the downtown core. There's even a vegan one!

Dic Ann's

2079 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Dic Ann's is famous for their distinctive thin burgers, but they also serve a pretty tasty poutine. Before you get your knickers in a bunch, no Dic Ann's doesn't use cheese curds, but grated mozzarella melts so awesomely under their special sauce. Added bonus, they use peanut oil which means crispy, golden fries every time.


Montreal Pool Room

1217 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Opened in 1912, the Montreal Pool Room can definitely be considered a greasy-spoon institution in the downtown core. They serve a classic poutine with the very best of squeezy cheese curds, greasy french fries, and brown gravy. You won't find any pool tables here, unfortunately, but a top choice for a late night steamy/poutine combo.

McLean's Pub

1210 Rue Peel

McLean's is a friendly and always lively pub in the Golden Square Mile area of downtown. A true pub feel and vibe, many locals come here for happy hour and to cheer on the Habs. While most of the items on their menu are delicious, McLean's do an awesome poutine as well. "Healthy" portion size, cheesy curds, and a tasty gravy that's elevated with hints of thyme. Plus, McLean's sell a 3 and 10 litre "giraffe" tower of beer with it's own tap!

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Dunn's Famous

1249 Rue Metcalfe

This is an absolute go-to for late-night eats as Dunn's Famous is open 24 hours a day. Famous for their Montreal-style smoked meat, you'll find a hearty and delicious poutine, perfectly topped with real cheese curds and decadent gravy. For the full experience, you gotta add some of that smoke meat directly to the mix.


Frite Alors!

680 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Best known for their Belgian-style fries served in a cone with a choice of homemade sauces, Frite Alors also do a variety of appetizing poutines. The classic Vladimir (get it?) will hit the spot, but why not try one of their more creative options like the Frite Alors! signature poutine with green peppers, mushrooms, onions & bacon. Mmmm....bacon.



2025 Rue Drummond

One of P.K. Subban's favourite haunts in the city, M:Brgr is definitely more on the high-end side of things. While you will still find the classic cheese curd sitting squeaky on top of their hand-cut fries, M:Brgr offers slightly more savory poutines with a choice between a mushroom-based gravy or BBQ sauce, regular or sweet patato fries, and topped with porcini mushrooms or pulled pork.

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Reuben's Deli

888 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

You may be familiar with Reuben's glitzy steakhouse on St-Catherine's main strip, but about a block over there is the original Reuben's deli. Open since the late 70's, the decor of this place hasn't changed much, but Reuben's does know how to make a solid poutine. Nothing fancy, standard fries, curds and gravy, but their signature Chop Chop poutine served with their highly underrated smoked meat brisket and homemade gravy will hit the spot.

Copper Branch

1245 Rue Bishop

It can be tough to find a vegan poutine in the city, but thankfully Copper Branch on Bishop are serving up a delicious one. The vegan market opened last September, and apart from all the 100% vegan food items they sell, they have a poutine that will satisfy all your vegan desires with baked fries topped with portabello miso sauce instead of meat gravy and dairy-free daiya mozzaraella. They throw in a little cremini mushrooms for extra flavour making it a legitimate alternative to the other meat-heavy varieties.

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