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8 Brand New Montreal Restaurants You Need To Check Out This Spring

Ice cream shops, poutine, vegan food, and more!
8 Brand New Montreal Restaurants You Need To Check Out This Spring

I don't know about you guys, but usually, whenever spring rolls around I tend to think it's the perfect time for discovering all the city has to offer.

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Like restaurants, for example. Although we're not exactly in "brand new restaurant" season just yet (I've noticed that newer restaurants tend to open up late summer in my experience), there are still tons of new, awesome spots in Montreal to check out anyway!

Delicieux Veg Fusion 

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5718 Park Ave

Vegan food lovers, this one's for you. Featuring fresh and high quality ingredients, and seriously creative and tasty dishes, this spot is a must-check-out for anyone who enjoys their food on the cruelty-free side.


La Cabane De Danny

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52A Rue de la Gauchetière O

Yes, that's ice cream in a bubble waffle cone. Yes, you can have your waffle flavoured (chocolate and matcha/red bean) if you want. And yes, you can pick between red bean, black sesame, matcha, and vanilla ice cream. Add your favourite toppings, and prepare for pure ice cream bliss.



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191 Place du Marché-du-Nord

Another cruelty-free option on this list, Gusta specializes in vegan "junk food" (although tbh, it's really not junk food). Look out for vegan sausage, poutine, and shawarma at this Little Italy spot.


Vladimir Poutine


1234a Mountain St

A brand new poutine bar in Montreal's downtown core, Vladimir Poutine has got all of your delicious poutine cravings covered. Check out their mac and cheese dishes too, which are legit to die for.



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6950 St Denis S

Situated right near Little Italy, this brand new Italian restaurant serves up some incredibly delicious and fresh dishes. Their specialty, though? Fresh pasta that's so good it'll legit melt in your mouth.



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6714 St Laurent Blvd

A tiki bar in Little Italy, this spot's got all your kitsch dreams covered. They've got tiki inspired cocktails and dishes, and yes, even lots and lots of pineapples.



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1371 St Catherine St

Did someone say empanadas? (Yes, did, just now). Empanadas are quite possibly some of the tastiest morsels of happiness around, and you can get tons of them at this downtown Montreal spot.



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1045 Côte du Beaver Hall

A "California-themed" restaurant near Square-Victoria, this spot has tacos, poke, flatbread pizza, smoothies, and more! Their decor is super trendy and adorable, but their food? Well, their food will have you coming back for more (and more, and more).