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8 Bucket List Trips Around The World You Need To Go On At Least Once Before You Die

Adventures just there waiting for you.
8 Bucket List Trips Around The World You Need To Go On At Least Once Before You Die

With summer quickly approaching, the travel bug has begun to itch. Yes, Montreal in the summer is almost so great you don't want to leave the borders of the city, but it's also the only time off from work/school most of us get.

While Montreal's summertime is grand, we've been there and done that. It's time to broaden our horizons a bit by heading to some of the world's most magnificent locales. And what better way to map out your your most desired travel destinations than with a kick-ass bucket list!

Everyone has a unique list of "must go to" spots, all of which are a little biased based on the individual, so mine is no different. With that, I can't say that everything on my bucket list will be the ideal destination for all y'all, but I do believe each item on the list is a trip you need to make at least once in your life.

Check them out below.

Photo cred - @ninna32

The Inca Trail To Machu Pichu

One of the most famous backpacking tours in the entire world, the Inca Trail takes you on a journey through lush and varied environments. Both historic and scenic, this trail traverses the Andes mountain range, through forests, Incan ruins, and alpine tundra. The entire journey offers stunning views as you make your way towards the Sun Gate on Machu Picchu mountain, your end destination.

Walk Inside The Hagia Sophia (Istanbul, Turkey)

Built in 537, the Hagia Sophia was once a Greek Orthodox basilica, then a mosque, and is now a museum in Istanbul. While the building has undergone renovations over its long history, the Hagia Sophia is considered one of the greatest examples of Byzantine architecture in the entire world.

A true world wonder, the Hagia Sophia is a breathtaking historical monument you truly need to see in person. And even if art and architecture aren't really your thing, you'll still be in Istanbul, the cultural capital of Turkey, where there is plenty to do, see, and explore.

Mount Field National Park (Tasmania, Australia)

A national park in Tasmania, Australia, Mount Field is a lush natural environment you just can't experience in Canada. Home to Bandicoots, Wombats, Echidnas and even Tasmanian Devils, the array of animals you'll see in this park is only equal to the magical natural waterfalls housed in the park's grounds.

The Tour du Mont Blanc

A 170km backpacking journey, the Tour du Mont Blanc is arguably the most popular of its kind in all of Europe, and for good reason. Circling the Mont Blanc Massif, the tour takes you through Switzerland, Italy, and France over an 11-day stretch. Taken by travelers from around the world for years, the Tour du Mont Blanc boasts the benefit of having a variety of modern accommodations and lodgings set up along the trail, offering a perfect balance to the breathtaking natural landscapes you'll experience.

Seeing Petra In Person (Jordan)

The history geek in me is coming out again in this next bucket list item, but even if you aren't into the wonders of the ancient world, Petra is still a magnificent sight to see. Built as far back as 312 BC, the "rose-red city half as old as time" is literally cut into a mountainside, making it a true architectural marvel. And as a symbol of Jordan's heritage with a history that dates back to biblical times, a visit to Petra will certainly be as enlightening as it is awe-inspiring.

Photo cred - kevinverkindt

Partying In Berlin

Okay, so my inner party-boy knows that while the world is full of cultural enriching destinations and truly beautiful natural settings, you should also make partying some sort of priority when travelling. For me, the ultimate party destination is Berlin, Germany. Often heralded as one of the greatest nightlife cities in the entire world, I can only imagine just how strangely awesome a night (or several days straight) partying in Berlin would be like. And I aim to find out.

A Journey Into The Amazon Rainforest (Brazil)

Otherwise known as the Amazon jungle, about 60% of this forested area is housed within Brazil, and you can journey through this lush landscape almost any time of year. Whether by foot or riverboat, a journey into the Amazon is unlike anything else, or at least it looks to be, given the fact that the forested area is the most biodiverse stretch of tropical rainforest in the world.

A Tokyo To Mt. Fuji Day Trip

Japan has always been on my travel hit-list, and there's so much I would like to do in the country. But, if I had to narrow down one bucket list worthy item, I'd have to go with a day-trip to Mt. Fuji. Leaving from the insane hustle-and-bustle that is Tokyo, a tour of Mt. Fuji brings you right up to the top of the mountain, letting you gaze upon Land of the Rising Sun from the nation's most famous peak.

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