8 Cheap Montreal Date Ideas For Your Broke Ass

There's more to this list than just 'Netflix and chill'.
8 Cheap Montreal Date Ideas For Your Broke Ass

We've all gone through some tough financial times at some point, but that doesn't mean you can't get your game on.  Girls just want to have a good time, so it is essential that a man has an arsenal of date ideas lined up. The bigger your budget the more options you have. However, you don't necessarily need a big budget to entertain. This article is to all the bros that text each other for advice on where they should bring their date. So here is a list of activities that don't demand a big budget and that can be fun.

1. Place des Arts or Old Port

"Giiiirl we should just walk and talk, walk and talk walk and talk - I just want to know EVERYTHING about you"; said no guy ever. The walk will make your brain release dopamine, which means that your date will be instantly happier even though you're a cheap ass. Okay, you can buy her an ice cream at least and/or a bottle water. Hopefully though she's on a diet and she won't scream for ice cream. Did he just say "hopefully she's on diet"? blame my city i'm just a product of it. Did he just say "blame my city i'm a product of it"?. Yes he did, on a serious note though, be prepared to answer some critical questions that will determine your faith with this girl.

Place des Arts

Old Port

2. Comedy Nest

Improv Comedy shows can be dirt cheap and have the potential to make you crack a smile or two. Perhaps a couple of horse laughs but that's all you'll get for 5 bucks (let's not get too greedy shall we?). This recommendation comes with a warning because let's face it, some comedians just suck. But if you go there with a good attitude and at least get a few drinks you can still have a good time.


3. Netflix and chill

Netflix and just chill. This one is huge because you spend $8 a month but get a shit load of return on your investment. If you're a player, cheap AND lazy, then this one is a no brainer (I could have just said "if you're a dude").'ll need wine with this also.


4. Speed dating.

I didn't know this existed in Montreal until a fellow writer at MTLBlog wrote about it. You spend a couple of minutes with each person. Once you leave the speed dating arena, if the person liked you, you receive a text with their name and number. For a greater description of speed dating click on the link at the bottom of the article.


5. Paint and wine

Painting and wine sounds like a date from the movies. Ok, let's face it, most guys don't care about the painting part but the ladies love that crap PLUS you get to have alcohol again. If you put a little effort and you flex your creative muscle you can even walk away with a new painting to hang on your wall. When people ask you about the painting just describe it as "je ne sais quoi" it will make you sound mysterious and artistic.


6. Mont Royal Parc

Picnic on Mont Royal park is a simple date that can be a lot of fun if orchestrated in the right way. All you need is a blanket, bottle of wine, snacks, and maybe playing cards. Let's be real, wine drunk is the best drunk and I recommend not being completely cheap on this one and getting a bottle from the SAQ because that Couche Tard wine is awful. You're better off adding alcohol to your red vinegar if you plan on being that cheap.


7. Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montreal

This beautiful museum has a permanent art collection that is free to visit for anybody that is under the age of 30. The museum is also free on every last sunday of the month. This is an awesome date because it shows that your more on the creative side than that classic "lets go out for drinks". I would recommend bringing a girl that your taking a little more seriously here.


8. Cheapest BYOW restaurant in Montreal

L'academie is probably the best bang for your buck. You can bring as much wine as you want and they also have a special that runs from Monday to Thursday where you can get a plate of pasta for under $10.