8 Cheap Spas In Montreal You Should Go To With Your BFFs This Summer

It's time to treat yourselves.

Friends, summer is all about one thing: relaxing. Okay, it's also about having fun - which I guess is kind of the same thing, because "relaxing" is pretty much my basic definition of "fun" at this point. And the best way to have a fun/relaxing time in Montreal? Treating yourself to a spa day, preferably with the most important people in your lives (your BFFs, of course!).

Spas can get super expensive sometimes, but worry not. Montreal's got tons of spots to #TreatYoSelves for inexpensive, meaning you and your besties can enjoy the day, stress-free... for real.

1. Le Bath Room

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4137 Rue Saint-Denis

Floating bath therapy for all the wins (do the kids still say this? Anyway, moving right along). Floating baths are pretty much the ultimate way to relax, so if you and your BFF are experiencing a particularly stressful week - and, let's be honest, every week is stressful AF - then this is one of the best ways to decompress.

Plus, it's super inexpensive to come and spend a nice, relaxing BFF bonding day here. A floating bath session will run you under $70, and a floating bath session with an awesome massage included will put you out less than $150.


2. Spa Escale Sante

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4050 Rue Molson Suite

Honestly, if you're down for a floating bath paradise in the middle of the city, then Spa Escale Sante is going to become your new BFF. Which is great, because you're going to be going there with your current BFF, so the three of you can hang out together forever.

And the best part? This spot offers some seriously great prices. On certain days and times, you can pamper yourself with their thermal experience for well under $40, meaning you and your best friends can enjoy some legit relaxation without making a serious wallet dent.


3. Spa Centrale Parc

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3467 Avenue Papineau

Situated in the Plateau, this spot is seriously like a little paradise in the middle of a busy city. Spa Centrale Parc offers tons of awesome services for super fair prices, meaning that if you and your BFF are down to come here for a little well-deserved r and r, the prices won't even add to your stress level.

What kind of cool services does this spot offer? Well, you can look forward to massages, baths (such as lavender and chocolate baths), an infrared sauna, and many, many more awesome things.


4. Espace Nomad

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4660 Boul St-Laurent

Okay, who here loves to be pampered? Everyone? Perfect. Because at Espace Nomade, pampering's exactly what you're going to get. This spot is definitely more eclectic than some, and they offer some pretty awesome snacks (like their chia seed pudding, which is seriously to die for).

Not to mention their incredibly awesome spa services, too. They've got Infratherapy, organic body treatments (including mojito and chai body scrubs), manicure and pedicure services, and a whole lot more, all for super fair prices. Sounds like the best way to spend a BFF day? You know it.


5. Spa Finlandais

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124 Boul Labelle

Okay, this one's technically in Laval, but don't let that deter you from getting you and all your friends there. Finlandais is one seriously gorgeous spa, with outdoor baths that are a little more secluded, meaning you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without too many interruptions.

Plus, the prices here are incredibly fair. On certain days, you can enjoy the baths for about $30, which is basically the biggest bargain I've ever heard of in my whole life, TBH.


6. Rainspa

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55 Rue Saint-Jacques

Hamam chilling, anyone? Um, Hamam chilling everyone, TBH. Rainspa's Hamam is essentially a humid steam room, featuring eucalyptus scents and good vibes. The steam is meant to eliminate toxins and activate blood circulation, making it an awesome spot to go and pamper yourself.

Rainspa also happens to feature some seriously awesome massages and other spa services, all for relatively inexpensive prices, making it one of the top spots to go and chill with your best friends.


7. Spa Cloud

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1744 Rue William

One of the things that makes Spa Cloud such an awesome best friend day getaway? The super unique and high key awesome experience of their Cryosauna (basically a sauna, except with super cold temperatures), which is good for pain relief, metabolism boosting, and BFF bonding.

No worries if you're not into the Cryosauna, though. Spa Cloud also offers nine different types of massages, body treatments, and more, all for super reasonable prices, making for a best friend experience you won't soon forget.


8. Sky Spa

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6000 Boulevard Rome

I've honestly been to Sky Spa a ridiculous amount of times, and yet I never get tired of it - and I for sure never will. The reason for this is very simple, friends: it's awesome, and a fantastic spot to chill at with your closest and best friends.

What makes it so great? Well, I'm glad you asked. Their thermal baths are outside on a rooftop, allowing you to overlook the gorgeous, sweeping view of Brossard's Dix30. Plus, the whole thing feels like you're on some kind of gorgeous summer cruise in the middle of the ocean, making for the best BFF summer vibes.


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