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8 Classy Montreal Wine Bars You Should Take A First Date To

Cozy up with some vino.
8 Classy Montreal Wine Bars You Should Take A First Date To

Ah, wine, the drink of the Gods. Nothing else can set the mood quite like a good glass of red or white; just the act of pouring it out, regardless of the setting, can instantly put anyone at ease. Whether you're on your first, third, or fiftieth date, cozying up with a good glass of wine and trying new flavours is a great way to spend time together.

That's where wine bars come in. While it's always nice to sip vino in your backyard, or, more realistically, on your couch, sometimes it's nice to dress up and treat yourself and your boo to a night on the town. Wine bars are awesome because they're low pressure; no loud club beats, no crazy long lines, just you, your honey, and a good pour.

If you're looking for the perfect ambiance for a date, the sultry music, great recommendations from friendly staff, and candlelit backdrop that wine bars have are ideal. It doesn't matter if you're just venturing into your wine tastes, or are bolder with your choices, these bars can accommodate any palate. So, pick a dark corner and bask in the intimate ambiance that only wine can truly bring.

1. M.Mme

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240 Avenue Laurier O

This wine bar just opened in January, and it's been steadily growing in popularity since. I mean first of all, they have 700 different wines, so, enough said, right? This is an awesome place to bring a first date, since you'll definitely be entertained trying to select and taste all the best wines out of so many options.

What's truly awesome about M.Mme is that it's equally as perfect for seasoned wine lovers, and wine newbies alike. With so many incredible wines, no one will be disappointed. Also, the food is delicious and inventive, and of course, all of it pairs perfectly with a good glass of red or white. If you're new to wine bars and not sure where to start, M.Mme has you covered.


2. Le Vin Papillon

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2519 Rue Notre-Dame O

Located in the trendy area of St. Henri, Le Vin Papillon has a more relaxed, casual atmosphere than most wine bars, which makes it a great spot for grabbing a quick post-work drink with your date. The food is fresh and light, and the ambiance is fun overall; chatter rises above the tables without feeling too loud to talk to your date.

Prices here also aren't too steep, so let yourself indulge. If you're looking for a wine bar that's not too fancy, but also offers a trendy, warm environment, Le Vin Papillon is a great go-to option.


3. Modavie

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Modavie is a wine bar with live jazz, and food that is both comforting and utterly delicious; think gourmet burgers, mussels and fries, and perfectly cooked steaks. Paired with a glass of world class red wine, how perfect does all of that sound!?

You'll find every kind of group at Modavie; families, friends, and of course, couples tucked into the candlelit corners. If either of you are fans of live music, and just want somewhere you can enjoy it without insane crowds or too-loud bands, Modavie has the ambiance you're looking for.


4. Le Comptoir

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Are you or your boo fans of charcuterie? If so, Le Comptoir will be your paradise - they call themselves a 'charcuteries et vins' bar, so you know you're in the right place. Honestly though, nothing pairs better than wine and a board full of cheeses, meats, and other delights. This place takes that heavenly match and takes it to the next level.

Le Comptoir creates a great date environment, as the interior is relatively small and quiet, allowing for an intimate experience to flourish. Prices are fair, the wine is natural and in abundance, and the charcuterie flows to the tables all night long. Enjoy.


5. Pullman

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3424 Av du Parc

A top favourite, Pullman delivers on the classic ambiance of an intimate wine bar, and it's mentioned frequently by vino lovers. Between the grand chandelier, the black-and-white clean interior design, and the overall classy vibes, Pullman is pretty much the king of wine bars in Montreal.

Perfect if you or your date is an amateur wine connoisseur, or if you just really, really love to drink wine (no judgment here), head to Pullman for a true-to-form wine bar experience.


6. Les Cavistes

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Those oysters and wine just look so perfect together, right? And believe me, this is only the beginning when it comes to the outstanding food and wine pairings available at Les Cavistes. This Ahuntsic wine bar offers traditional French cuisine, and oh, it is good.

They also have a gorgeous terrasse, so you can try some of their great vintage wines while soaking up some sun. This place is an ideal option if you're on the hunt for not just good wine, but equally as amazing food to go with it. In its essence Les Cavistes is a friendly wine bar with a relaxing, fun atmosphere.


7. Bocata

A photo posted by Bocata Old Montreal (@bocataoldmontreal) on

310 Rue Saint Paul O

Bocata is truly a marvel. It's a wine bar with classic style alongside unique trendy twists. They serve rustic, market-fresh food, in inspired and inventive ways. And best of all, they're located in the Old Port, where the historic charm amps up the atmosphere to create a wonderful experience for their guests.

I think the Old Port is the absolute perfect place for a wine bar, since the classy vibes fit in so well there. Also, they serve their food tapas style, which honestly is the perfect way to enjoy your glass (or let's be honest, glasses) of wine - tapas, wine, tapas, repeat.


8. Le Rouge Gorge

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Relatively new to the wine bar scene, Le Rouge Gorge truly has a little bit of everything; French-focused wines, small gourmet plates ranging from tartar to a 'lobster club sandwich', and an atmosphere that's trendy, but not pretentious.

Located in the Plateau, Le Rouge Gorge is sure to deliver good times. You'll find the place crawling with those looking for a good post-work glass of vino, but don't let that deter you from bringing a date there. The inside is adequately set up for different sizes of groups, so grab your date and tuck yourselves away in a corner, while you let the comfortable chatter surrounding you lull you into a great wine-infused time.


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