8 Common Expressions That Are Definitely Sexist

'Why don't you smile more?'
8 Common Expressions That Are Definitely Sexist

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Making a change involves two things: big steps and little steps. We’re making large strides when it comes to feminism, with the popularity of some amazing ted talks and the awareness celebrities have been spreading. We’re actually making headway. However, I am of the belief that nothing is going to change unless we make an active choice to do something in our everyday lives. There are so many things people say all the time that back track the progress we’ve made. By taking the time to make a wee lil bit of social change, you’ll be surprised at what difference can be made in the long run.

1. “Wow, look at all the weight she gained…”

I’m sorry, but is that any of your business? It’s never okay to talk about someone else’s body, and comment like you know something about it. You don’t. All bodies, are different and react accordingly. And if you say you’re “Just concerned with their health”, that’s bullshit and you know it. If you were actually concerned, you’d talk to them about it, not gossip with your friends.

2. “She’s so thirsty!”

Slut shaming at its finest. So what if this girl wants to get laid? I’m pretty sure we all want to get laid, don’t pretend like you’re above it all.

3. “You _____ like a girl.”

I shouldn’t even have to say this one. If you haven’t seen the Always commercial, it is an adorable and enlightening point on the topic.

4.“Don’t be such a pussy.”

This just makes it seem like vaginas are something weak and inferior. They’re not. They’re incredible.

5.“Girls shouldn’t be so muscley, it’s not natural.”

I hear this all the time and it’s awful. You don’t have to be a muscley girl if you don’t want to be. You don’t have to date them. You don’t have to be attracted to it. That doesn’t mean it’s “unnatural”, or bad. Your personal preference means nothing.

6.“Is it that time of the month?”

I can’t even with this.

7. “Basic bitch”

So, you’re basically demeaning someone’s life choices as uninteresting because they’re “classically feminine”. There is nothing wrong with wearing yoga pants and drinking Starbucks. Brushing people off as “basic” is just a means to make yourself feel better. If the only reason you dislike them is because they’re popular, than that’s disingenuous and sad.

8. “Why don’t you smile more?”

Lastly, don’t tell people to smile. I don’t have to smile to make you feel comfortable or because you think I’d be prettier. In fact, I don’t smile for your benefit at all. I SMILE BECAUSE SOMETHING PLEASES ME.