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8 Easy-As-Hell McGill Classes Where You’re Almost Guaranteed To Get An A

Being a prestigious institution boasting high academic standards, the subject of "easy A" or "bird" classes at Mcgill is a controversial one.

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As a result, some say that there are no such things as a true bird class at Mcgill. Afterall, it is Mcgill U. Depending on your major tuition can range from $16,373 - $42,027.  Yikes. Basically, they are not giving this away for free.

But - we all know that being a successful undergrad student means carefully allocating your resources.  If you're aiming to keep your GPA high - while focusing your energy on your core classes - strategizing your course selection carefully is key.

There are tons of interesting Reddit threads where Mgcill students gather to each give their own 2-cents on which courses are the easiest.  We've combed through the sub-Reddits and noticed a pattern emerged. So - here are some of the easiest courses Mcgill U has to offer that almost all students seem to agree on.

8. BIOL 202

Biology 202 is an easy bet. This is the kind of class you will already walk in with a good knowledge base from high school. Cells, nucleus, mitochondria, if you're good at quickly absorbing information, this course is for you.

Via Reddit

7. MATH 388

You're probably surprised to see the word math on this list, because to some - math is literal hell. But many Reddit threads prove that MATH338 may just be your GPA savior.

Via Reddit

6. MUAR211

This is a music course at the intro level. This course is probably the one that came up the most over several Reddit threads. Apparently very pleasant and interesting course to take.

Via Reddit

5. RELG 202

Religion is normally an easy class. This one came up a couple times on Reddit and seems to be unanimous among students.

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

4. CHEM 181

Chemistry on the surface may not seem like an easy course. This one is apparently totally online and is a breeze.

Via reddit

3. PHYS 181

This one has come up several times as being an easy course. Although physics may seem hard on the surface, this into course is apparently an easy A.

Via reddit

2. RUSS 215

Language courses can be surprisingly easy as electives, especially on the intro level. This student claims that first-semester Russian is "very easy".

Via Reddit

1. ATOC 181

This class is about "the science of storms" now not only does that sound interesting, but that fact that multiple people say it's an easy A. This is a no-brainer.

Via Reddit

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