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8 Easy-As-Hell McGill Classes Where You’re Pretty Much Guaranteed To Get An A

Boost that GPA with minimal effort.
8 Easy-As-Hell McGill Classes Where You’re Pretty Much Guaranteed To Get An A

Doing research for this, I came across people in online forums claiming that there is no such thing as an actual "easy" class at Mcgill. 

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Afterall, it is Mcgill U, they are not giving diplomas away for free. In general, tuition can range from $16,373 - $42,027.  Yikes. 

But - we all know that being a successful undergrad student is like managing the success of a small business, you must carefully allocate resources, that is your energy and time. If you're aiming to keep your GPA high - while focusing your energy on your core classes - strategizing your course selection carefully is key.

Here are a few classes that come up time and time again as "easy" classes that will almost guarantee an A.

1.  MUAR 211 + MUAR 201

These are two music courses at the intro level and comes up time and time again as an "easy class" over several Reddit threads. Apparently, very pleasant and interesting courses to take, you even get to attend some music events and write about it, sounds like nice homework to me.

2. RELG 202 

Religion is normally an easy class, especially this intro level class: Religion of ancient Israel. This one came up a couple times on Reddit and other sources and seems to be unanimous among students.

3. MATH 388

You're might be surprised to see the word "math" on this list, because to some - math is literal hell. But many Reddit threads and other sources confirm that MATH338 (History of Math) may just be your GPA savior.

4. CHEM 181

World of Chemistry: Food - this course does come up repeatedly as being one of the "easier" classes at Mcgill. Kind of like an advanced nutrition class, you can't go wrong.

5. PHYS 181

This class is called "Everyday Physics" and is a highly informative and straightforward intro to physics class. There is apparently no final exam either, which is great to lighten the workload for the end of the semester.

6. ATOC 184

This class is about "the science of storms" now not only does that sound interesting, but that fact that multiple people say it's an easy A. This is a no-brainer.

7. SOCI 250

A fascinating and interesting course called "Intro to Social Problems." Former students claim that this course is not only interesting, but it's also easy. Unlike other social studies courses, this one doesn't have any essays, only a mid-term and final.

8. GEOG 210

This Geography course called "Global Places and People" comes up a few times as an "easy" Mcgill class. Apparently, the mid-terms are quite easy, and the final project is a lot of fun to do, and the prof is very passionate, which always helps!

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