8 Easy Ways You Can Make Money Playing Pokémon GO In Montreal

You'll consider quitting your real job.
8 Easy Ways You Can Make Money Playing Pokémon GO In Montreal

Whenever something as popular as Pokémon GO gets released, people will inevitably try to find new ways to make money with it.

Considering the platform reaches million of users every day, you'd actually be foolish not to try to take advantage of the craze.

In fact, people all over the internet have already been advertising various services and products to piggy back on Pokémon GO's popularity.

So if you've ever dreamed of quitting your job and making a living off of a Pokémon game, now's your chance.

Taking Advantage Of Pokéstops

Business owners who are lucky enough to be situated near a Pokéstop have been getting more foot traffic already, but others have actually been buying and dropping lures near their businesses to attract even more people.

This has allegedly yielded some very positive results. So if you're a Montreal business owner who is suffering because of construction on your street, drop a few lures and watch the players flock.

Pokémon Drivers

People have been offering "Uber" type services for Pokémon trainers who are sick and tired of walking all day. Some offer group discounts, charging stations, music and even snacks to keep their passengers happy. And did I mention that in Montreal they're charging up to 50$ per person?! Not a bad way to make extra money.

Pokémon Walkers

When you find eggs in Pokémon you have to walk a certain distance to make them hatch, and some people have been offering "phone walking" services. Too tired to walk the 5km because you just returned from a hike up Mount Royal? Well, someone is willing to do it for you. It's easier than being a dog walker because phones don't poop.

Pokémon Guides

Being a driver is easy when your passengers know where they want to go, however you can make even more money if you plan your own Pokémon tours. So if you know all the best spots (Like Montreal's most popular and chaotic Pokémon Spot), all the best gyms, and where the rarest Pokémon are hiding, then people are willing to pay for you knowledge.


Pokémon Body Guard

With so many reports of phones being stolen by oblivious Pokémon GO users, people have become paranoid and have actually been hiring bodyguards to watch their back while they stare at their phones. Considering how crazy the crowds have been getting in Montreal this might not be such a crazy idea.

Selling Accounts

An obvious method for those who got in on the craze early is enough to sell the password to their high ranking accounts. People are willing to pay big money to jump 20 levels without lifting a finger. Then all you have to do is start a new account and do it all over again.

Selling Rare Pokémon

If you haven't reached a high level, people are still willing to buy your account as long as you've captured some of the rarer Pokémon. So if you've gotten lucky and you caught some of the more desirable Pokémon, your account might be worth more than you think.

Selling anything Pokémon Related

Everything Pokémon related is now more valuable. If you own a bar, invent some Pokémon themed cocktails. If you own a costume shop, stock up on Pokémon costumes. and if you work at an ice cream shop, rename lemon sherbet to Pikachu Sherbert. People have been selling vintage Pokémon toys, card and even old t-shirts.

Basically if you're creative enough there are a million way to make Pokémon GO work for you. Now get out there and make some money.

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