8 Father’s Day Gifts He Actually Wants You To Get Him

Finding the perfect gift isn't all that tricky.
8 Father’s Day Gifts He Actually Wants You To Get Him

We call him Dad, Daddy, Father, D-Dawg. He's the number one man in our lives and he's never missed a single volleyball game. He was our chauffeur when we couldn't drive, and he's the one that patiently taught us how to drive when it was time to get our license. He's been there for us since day one, and he deserves the world and more on his special day.

So what exactly do you get him for Father's Day? This has been the unanswered question in my entire existence. I don't know about you guys, but finding the PERFECT gift for Dad on Father's Day is really hard.

Well guys, I asked Facebook and my friends responded. Here are 10 Father's Day gifts your old man actually wants you to get him. You're welcome.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

This was the fan favourite and I think I know why. The Galaxy Tab S3 comes in an all-new glass design, and it is the first Samsung tablet to feature QUAD speakers, tuned by AKG by Harman. I already know my dad would be a HUGE fan of this, there's nothing more that he loves in the world than to sit back, relax and watch his favourite Netflix shows on the couch, but usually, my mom has the final say on what they watch and he's not big into romcoms.

Ok, so let's get back to the four QUAD speakers. The Galaxy Tab has a speaker on each corner which surrounds you in sound. They collaborated with AKG to bring forth the clearest, most crisp, high-quality sound in the game. Now if your dad's more of an Angry Birds type of guy then get this, the Galaxy Tab S3 comes with Vulkan graphics which will take gaming to a whole new world.

Finally, the keyboard. You NEED a keyboard. I love a tablet with a keyboard so it only makes sense my pops would too! The magnetic keyboard is practical and it helps enhance your experience thanks to the layout and increased space between the keys.

If you want the #1 daughter/son title, you need the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 for Father's Day.

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Sprezza Box Subscription

This one is for the dad that likes to look good. The Sprezza Box is a monthly box subscription that's guaranteed to have over $100 in value. At just $28 a month, your dad will have his own personal stylist who will pick out 5-6 different products such as ties, socks, pocket squares, grooming products and more. All you have to do, or, I guess, all your dad has to do is sit back, relax and wait for the package.

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Brewing Kit

If your dad loves beer, then this is the gift for him. What could be more perfect than a brewing kit for the man that knows everything about beer? So what exactly makes this gift so special? Well, not only can you join in on the fun for some quality time spent with dad but you also end up with some pretty delicious beer that you made yourself. Bragging rights are permitted.

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Round of Golf

Another great gift idea that will put a big smile on your dad's face. I mean, all dads love golf, right? And what could be cuter than the thought of you going out to the golf course with your dad and attempting to play? Absolutely nothing.

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Lcky Tie

If you don't feel like dropping dolla dolla bills on the Sprezza Box every month, why not consider gifting the stylish man in your life a classic necktie. The Lcky is a Canadian brand that offers some beautiful neckties which perfectly suits the athlete dad, the business dad, and the style chaser dad. You can't go wrong with this one.

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Stance Socks

Ok, seriously this company makes the best socks ever. Every year, I gift my boyfriend and my dad a pair of these bad boys and they absolutely love them. They are the perfect add-on to your already awesome gift. They've even been spotted on our Primer Minister himself. You can even get him his favourite team on his socks!

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Scratch Map

If your dad travels a lot, why not gift him a scratch map so he can record all his travels? Scratch maps are affordable, can be found virtually anywhere online, and they look great on a wall.

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A fresh haircut from Maison Privée

Nothing like a clean haircut to make sure your dad look great on his special day. Mom will thank you.

Guys, don't wait last minute to get your hands on a Father's Day gift. You have a list so get your pretty little behinds off your chair and go out there and buy the perfect gift for your old man.

Tip: He'll really love the tablet. It's convenient, easy to use and made for every single dad out there. You definitely can't go wrong with this one. Why not pair the tablet with a nice necktie or a nice pair of socks?

Check out the Samsung website for more info on how you can get your hands on the new Galaxy Tab S3 or check out their Facebook and Instagram for more info.