Foods You Should 100% Not Eat In The Morning If You Actually Want To Be Productive

photo cred - Bonita Suraputra

We've previously talked about the importance of breakfast and why you should never skip it but we haven't talked about breakfast foods that actually make you counterproductive or unhealthy. 

Here are a list of foods you should absolutely 100% avoid at all costs (especially in the morning during a weekday):

1. Toaster Pastries.

photo cred - wen510

Toaster pastries, although might indicate otherwise, have no real content of fruit nor do they possess any nutritional value.

2. Cereals.

The majority of the cereals on the market today are filled with refined sugars and contain no fibre. You will crash mid-morning from the high sugar levels.

3. Doughnuts, Danishes, and Muffins.

Again, high in sugar, refined flour, and fats. Although this will boost your energy very quickly, it will not stick around for the remaining of the day. It will induce more sugar cravings, increase hunger, and become detrimental to your health over long periods of time.

4. Breakfast Smoothies.

Made with creams, added sugars, and flavourings. To bring down your natural cortisol levels- it is best to drink water and have REAL fruit on hand.

5. Granola or Granola Bars.

Referring to store-bought - granola is very high in calories. A small portion about 1/3 of a cup is about 400 calories. You might as well have that doughnut.

6. Artificial Maple Syrup.

photo cred - jeffreyw

First of all, you're a Montrealer so the concerns about you not have real maple syrup doesn't cross our mind. Second of, artificial maple syrup contains fructose. Which is believed to be directly linked with visceral fat (which means fats between organs).

7. Breakfast Burritos.

If you make these yourself, then that's fine. Microwavable burritos have to be top 5 worst things to eat of all time. They contain highly processed meat, eggs, and cheese which means it is very high in cholesterol.

8. Breakfast Drive-Thru.

High is sodium, high in saturated fats, and high in trans fats. These foods will cause bloating and water retention making you feel sluggish for the rest of the day.