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8 Free Montreal-Made Apps You Need Now To Make Your Life So Much Easier

There's more than just Tinder out there.
8 Free Montreal-Made Apps You Need Now To Make Your Life So Much Easier

Technology is a pretty amazing thing. It has revolutionized modern convenience as we know it with the birth of what we call smartphone apps, making our everyday easier to navigate, more informed, and highly entertaining. In fact, it's hard to imagine a world without the smartphones that give us directions and match us with sexy singles in our area. Developers are working hard to create new and exciting apps all the time, giving us consumers better access to all the things we love. Montreal, the smart city that it is, is primed for these handy, cutting-edge apps that showcase the best our city has to offer all in the palms of our hands. Here are some of our favourites to look out for this summer.

1. YP Dine

YP Dine is a new restaurant app from Yellow Pages that not only does standard searches for eateries by name or location, but also helps you make dining choices based primarily on your mood and/or activity. A little like Songza but for food, choose from options like 'happy hour', 'weekend brunch', 'lunch with coworkers', 'late night eats' and 'quick dinner fixes', perfect for when you know you're hungry, but just can't decide exactly what type of cuisine you want.

YP Dine also curates top picks (or playlists if you will) by local chefs, restaurant owners, and foodies based on their personal favourites in local eateries such as dim sum, sports bars, brunch spots etc. Another useful feature is the ability to access reviews, preview menus, make reservations and get deals available at local restaurants. A future update will allow you to even place and pay for orders directly from the app.

Download It + Official Website + Facebook Page

2. MyPiece

Another ingenious app to make eating out in Montreal easier (go figure!), MyPiece is a discount platform that not only geo-locates restaurants around you, but also gives you huge real-time deals on your favourite restaurants. Deals populate according to location, and change every hour on the hour, helping restaurants attract customers depending on the time of day, and giving you flexible access to 15% – 100% discounts regardless of your hectic schedule. It doesn't require any credit cards to use, just save the deal directly on your smartphone and show the screen in restaurant to redeem it. With 200+ restaurants already listed, and more being added everyday, this is a great app for anyone who finds themselves eating out for lunch on most days and/or students on a budget.

Download It + Official Website + Facebook Page

3. DogSync

DogSync is a task-management app, designed for the busy dog owners of Montreal, that conveniently organizes your daily doggy routine with easy-to-use and colourful badges so you never miss a beat. Ideal for households where more than one person helps take care of the furry monster, DogSync provides dog owners all the tools they need so their dogs get the best care possible. Save time and energy by efficiently keeping track of what tasks are performed or need to be performed and communicate with your "Pack" as to who's done what and when. For example, tap the walk badge (the badge is an illustration of a paw) and your pack will be notified that you completed walking the dog(s). This Task/Ask process ultimately creates a positive impact on your dog's health by avoiding the consequences of over feeding or not walking the dog enough. DogSync keeps the whole pack in sync so you know your dog is getting the care it needs when it needs it.

Download It + Official Website + Facebook Page

4. GuestHouse

GuestHouse is the perfect companion for your nights out. Easily access directions and information to your favourite venues, access the concierge to make reservations and ask questions like "can I wear running shoes", but its coolest function is the ability to check in and forget about payment stress, no more waiting to pay. GuestHouse offers a seamless experience that allows customers to manage their payments and bar tabs in a convenient and personal way. GuestHouse makes it easy to view in real time everything you spend and even lets you export out receipts for corporate expenses. Get notifications for all your charges as they happen and leave on your terms, without having to worry about having cash or forgetting to settle your bar tab at the end of the night. Did I mention it also works when your phone dies?

GuestHouse is not currently available to the public but it has just opened up access to a private beta that you can use as a replacement credit card if you happened to have lost yours recently. Either way, you will definitely want to keep your eye out for this one.

Join Beta + Official Website + Facebook Page

5. Trovy

Trovy is an iOS app made by event goers for event goers, helping you find the best concerts, art shows, conferences, sporting events, festivals and more happening around you on the map. Easy to use and super responsive, Trovy is completely friction free, meaning no login screens standing between you and the huge database of events that Trovy can help you find. Refine your search by keyword, type, or date and quickly get all the relevant info you need to get out and party, without getting lost in the details. Another cool feature lets you send geo-location requests to your friends to easily find them on the map, even if they don’t have the app.

Download It + Official Website + Facebook Page

6. MyBranch

Answering the age-old question, “What should I do today?” - The MyBranch App provides an instant and simple solution, making it easy to create or join in on activities with your friends and/or new people around you who are interested in the same activity. Whether it's a rock climbing adventure or gathering before a major music festival, the options are virtually endless. Reinventing the way people make plans, MyBranch users can simply create and share an activity, or scroll through the plans proposed by others, and match with either existing social circles, or meet new people who want to make it happen.

Once matched around a specific plan, MyBranch’s native chat interface lets you expand on the details and meet offline. It's kind of like Tinder, but with a lot more than just dating! MyBranch is especially useful for outgoing adults/professionals new to the city, and looking for something to do with people that share their interests.

Official Website + Facebook Page

7. Maadly

Maadly is essentially a gamified social media platform that lets users share short snippets of their content with people around the world, at random. Unlike most social media platforms, your self-expression and interaction with others is not dependent on your current network. Messages on Maadly are called “beats” and come in the form of text, photo, or video. They are broadcasted randomly within the app based on the user’s “karma score”.

Grow your karma score every time users like or engage with your beat. The higher your karma score, the more people your beats will reach. This freedom to openly share a bit of your world at any given time, without being restricted to existing networks, generates a very real, raw, and genuine environment. You never know which city incoming beats will come from, and you never know where your broadcasted beats will land, making for a truly unique social experience.

Download It + Official Website + Facebook Page

8. Scrute It

Scrute It is a slick and innovative social media platform dedicated entirely to music fans. Many amazing experiences are built around music, whether it's the first time you discovered an artist, heard that special song that means the world to you, or went to a concert or festival. Scrute It helps you connect with other music lovers around you to create new everlasting experiences. Search through other users and select the ones who share your taste in music, if you match with them, you can chat and even meet up for concerts or festivals.

Scrute It lets you share the music you love while seeing what other people are talking about through your news feed, curated based on your musical preferences. Build relationships with fellow fans of the big summer festivals, local performers, and your favourite artists, and never miss out on a concert again just because none of your friends wanted to go. The app will be available on the app store at the beginning of the summer, but you can get your hands on this amazing app earlier by signing up for early access now.

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