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8 Fun Things To Do In Quebec With Your Boyfriend If He's A Grandpa

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8 Fun Things To Do In Quebec With Your Boyfriend If He's A Grandpa

Not long ago calling someone a grandpa was considered an insult. I mean, who wanted to be considered an old person right? But now we've embraced the idea of being old because there's really nothing wrong with dressing in cozy clothes, chilling in your reclining chair watching tv, and making bad grandpa jokes all day long. 

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If your likes all of those things, there's a good chance he's a grandpa and it's probably pretty hard getting him out of his reclining chair to do fun things with you.

But there's actually tons of things in Quebec that'll probably just as appealing to your boyfriend as his cozy corner at home! 

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Enjoy Lazy River Tubing 

Get your boyfriend a comfy floaty and you two can float calmly down Riviere Rouge together on a sunny summer day! This basically requires no effort and it's a cute and fun activity to enjoy any day of the week.

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Go Glamping 

Rent one the bubbles at Parc Aventures Cap Jaseaux for an outdoor camping experience in style. No need to worry about pitching a tent, starting a fire or being attacked by wild animals at this glamping retreat.

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Swim In Bright Blue Water

Enjoy a day at Morrison's Quarry to swim in some of the bluest waters in Quebec! Go on a weekday for more privacy for a relaxing summer swim in the calm water.

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Have A Board Game Night

Visit Randolph's Board Game Bar in Montreal to bring out your competitive sides. Board games are definitely a grandpa thing so your boyfriend is bound to enjoy this date night. Bring a group of friends to make it even more fun!

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Enjoy A Beach Day

There's nothing more relaxing than a day lounging around on the sand in the summer. Visit Oka Beach to chill under the tropical umbrellas, splash around in the refreshing water and soak up all the sun!

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Go Cave Exploring 

At Lusk Caves in Gatineau, Quebec you can explore these insane underground marble caves! The entire tour of this underground world will take about 4 hours and you're guaranteed to get a little wet, but you'll have an awesome outdoor experience.

via @myriamverrier

Experience A Drive-In Movie

Driving into a movie is a super easy a fun way to enjoy the movies. Grab your grandpa bf, TONS of snacks, some blankets and you're all set! Park your car and watch an awesome movie at Cine-Parc Boucherville this summer.

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Relax At The Spa 

This amazing spa is right in the middle of farmland and it looks insanely relaxing! You must visit Spa du Verger for the most serene experience where you can soak in their hot tubs during any season.

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Wander Through Gardens 

Get your boyfriend to take some cute Insta pics of you wandering through the artistic and beautiful Reford Gardens this summer. They have stunning flowers, amazing art installations and tons of nice spots for photo ops!

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