8 Good Montreal Poutines And 2 Amazing Ones!

Cheesy, gooey, delicious dishes ahead.
8 Good Montreal Poutines And 2 Amazing Ones!

Alright, friends, at this point it's safe to say that we all know about the delicious mouth miracle that is a poutine. And it's safe to say that no matter where you get it, your poutine is going to be pretty much amazing.

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Montreal's known for making some of the best poutines in the province, TBH. But what truly separates a "good" poutine from an "amazing" one?

Well, mainly personal preference - which is why any poutine on this list might be good to me, but amazing to you. Still though, if you're looking for some of the most awesome poutines in the city, and two that are universally heralded as amazing, then you've come to the right place!

The poutines at Restaurant Lafayette are awesome!

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1874 St Catherine St E

Quite possibly one of my own personaly favourite poutines in the city, there's nothing quite like a delicious LaFayette poutine!


The poutines at Decarie Hot Dog are awesome!

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953 Decarie Blvd

A classic in Montreal. Honestly, if you've never tried a classic Decarie Hot Dog poutine, drop everything you're doing and grab one right. TF. Now.


The poutines at Greenspot are awesome!

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3041 Notre-Dame St W

This St. Henri casse-croute has everything it takes for a good (or amazing!) poutine: fair prices, fresh ingredients, and pretty much the most delicious sauce you might ever taste.


The poutines at Chez Tousignant are awesome!

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6956 Drolet St

Alright, friends, you need to try the poutine from Chez Tousignant. Like right now. Fresh and totally homemade ingredients elevate this dish to a level all of its own, and you need to experience it at least once in your life.


The poutines at Chez Claudette are awesome!

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351 Laurier Ave E

A classic in Montreal's Plateau, the poutines here are super, super solid; plus they have a huge selection of poutines to choose from, so you'll never ever get bored!


The poutines at La Roulotte are awesome!

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10 Rue Paiement

Situated in Montreal's West Island, this spot serves up fresh, tasty, and incredibly cheesy poutines.


The poutines at Paul Patates are awesome!

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760 Rue Charlevoix

This Pointe-Sainte-Charles spot serves up a classic poutine unlike you've ever tried, with thick fries, delicious sauce, and so much cheese you'll be thrilled about it for days.


The poutines at La Banquise are awesome!

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994 Rue Rachel E

Ah, La Banquise. Pretty much every poutine fan knows about this spot, but no poutine list would be complete without it. Their poutines are always incredibly fresh, hot, and cheesy; and to top everything off, they've got tons of different types of poutines to choose from!


The poutines at Ma Poule Mouillee are AMAZING!

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969 Rachel St E

What makes the poutine at this spot so amazing? The sauce is super flavourful and thick; the Sao Jorge cheese is perfectly squeaky-yet-melty; the fries are cooked up fresh right in front of you... and to boot, they put freshly cooked Portuguese sausage and chicken chunks right. On. Top.


Montreal Pool Room are AMAZING!

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1217 St Laurent Blvd

As we all know, the restaurant game in Montreal is super hard to win. If a spot is open for more than five years, you can bet it's doing something so incredibly right (and it just might have a bit of luck on its side, too). A testament to how amazing the poutine at Montreal Pool Room is? They've been open for legit a century. Over 100 years of delicious poutine is what I'd call amazing, TBH.


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