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8 Gorgeous Quebec Towns Super Close To Montreal You Can Go To For A "Staycation" This Summer

Guys, it's time. It's finally time... time to start planning your summer vacations. Or, if you're as broke as I am, your summer staycations!

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Which is cool, TBH. There's nothing more awesome than staying home and exploring your own city... or your own province.

And if you are in the mood to discover how beautiful Quebec truly is this summer, then worry not. I got your back. Most of these spots are less than 5 hours out of Montreal, making for the perfect super close staycation spots.

Take a staycation in Stanstead, Quebec this summer.

via @wildernesslili

two hour drive

Take a staycation in Montebello, Quebec this summer.

via @kenauknature


drive out of Montreal

Take a staycation in Île d'Orléans, Quebec this summer.

via @elise_pare

hours of driving time

Take a staycation in Kamouraska, Quebec this summer.

via @remisociographe

roughly four hours

Take a staycation in Chicoutimi, Quebec this summer.

via @shannyhill

to get here

Take a staycation in Magog, Quebec this summer.

via @malorie_v

two hour drive

Take a staycation in Baie-St-Paul, Quebec this summer.

via @kattouell

by car

Take a staycation in Tadoussac, Quebec this summer.

via @3m_travel

out of the city

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