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8 Great Christmas Gifts For Him According To Her

The 'Girlfriend of the year award' goes to you!
8 Great Christmas Gifts For Him According To Her

We always think that our guys are super easy to buy for until we start shopping. Each year I wait 'til the last week before Christmas before getting my boyfriend's gift - I tell myself the longer I wait, the more ideas I'll have and then it'll just be a matter of choosing the perfect one! And then I end up in a self-doubting frenzy, where I can't even remember his size or his favorite flavour anymore.

But THIS year, I did some sneaky research and compiled a list of gifts that are a guaranteed to make your man happy.

The key: something that's both stylish AND useful on a daily basis. Something that won't end up on a shelf or in a box! And most importantly, something that shows him how much you care about his day-to-day happiness, from the moment he wakes up to the moment he settles back into bed.

Here are 8 perfect gifts for all the men on your shopping list this year: 

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1- A Good Morning, Every Morning

Instead of a gift card from his favorite coffee shop, why not save him the hassle of standing in line and get him an espresso machine? It's a quick and easy way to make yourself a classy cup of coffee in the morning, and actually fun to use! Cappuccinos, lattes and espressos - he'll be an expert in no time!

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2- The Ultimate Style Accessory

A man can never have too many bow ties. They come in so many rad patterns and always look super stylish! They're even said to make people seem friendlier and more approachable, so it's a great way to show your boyfriend that you support him in his work endeavors.

Plus, bow ties look great for just about any occasion, so he's sure to wear his often.

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3- Man-Pampering

Montreal men are known for their good looks for a reason: they know a thing or two about style, and it all starts with hair (facial hair included!) Want to get him a cool gift card? Check out some of the city's hottest barber shops.

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4- The Latest Greatest Technology

This is sure to WOW any man on your shopping list. Watches are a classic gift idea for a reason, but this is far from being your regular time-teller.

Samsung's Gear S3 is water and dust resistant (it can withstand up to 1.5 meters under water for 30 minutes!*), has 4 GB of internal memory so he can listen to his favourite tunes, AND it has a built-in speaker so he can easily take calls when he's on the go!

Even better, the Gear S3 doesn't need to be charged every day and can run for up to 4 days**. Pair it with Samsung's Galaxy S7, which is ALSO water resistant (among many other amazing features). It's the most stylish smartphone a guy could own, and you are sure to win the girlfriend of the year award!

**This device has been tested and received an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of IP68, which tests for dust intrusion and for water submersion up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes; rinse residue/dry after wet. Not shockproof. Not suitable for swimming or diving.

**** Battery life may vary depending on usage and settings. Based on laboratory testing.

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5- A Challenge

Men love a challenge, especially when it comes to sports. Whether your man hasn't been working out much lately or whether he's stuck in a fitness rut, you can help motivate him back into shape by getting him a cool gym membership. Montreal is loaded with fun options so you can get him a gift certificate to a CrossFit gym or even rock-climbing! Just make sure you respect his preferences while still kicking him in the butt.

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6- A Place To Recharge

What better way to spend some quality time with your man, away from the stress of the routine, then by spending time together at the spa? While he probably wouldn't pick this gift himself, he'll be happy to get the royal treatment and to relax with you by his side in a new setting. This gift is especially recommended if your guy has been working extra hard and could use time away from the hustle and bustle of the city!

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7- Post-Work Wind Down

At the end of a long day, a quality glass of scotch is a great way to take the edge off. Whether he's a scotch guy or not, a great bottle of spirits can help to get him through a long winter, and it's also an occasion for you two to spend some quality time together after the day is done and over with.

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8- HBO And Chill

He's a huge Game Of Thrones fan and wasn't able to watch the last season? He secretly loves Girls as much as you do and you've always wanted to watch all the seasons together?

Offer him an HBO subscription so he can watch a ton of quality series and films without having to worry about a notice from the internet provider!! It goes without saying that you'll be able to enjoy this one as well. ;)

It's your time to shine as a great gift-giver. Pair the Galaxy S7 with the revolutionary Gear S3 this holiday season, a perfect occasion to please not just once, but twice!

If you don't know what to give your SO this Christmas, these Samsung devices may just be the perfect gift!