8 Great Montreal Spots To Watch The Lunar Eclipse Tonight

You don't want to miss this.
8 Great Montreal Spots To Watch The Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Photo cred – Alex Bowyer

Alright Montreal, don't freak out but we have some pretty cool news - tonight, if you crazy kids stay up past your bedtime, you will be able to watch a full lunar eclipse.

Tonight's lunar eclipse will begin at 1:58 AM and will last approximately 3.5 hours. As always, we've got you covered with a list of cool spots in the city that'll give you an awesome view of the eclipse. Get your closest friends, or that special someone, and make your way to one of these prime locations - the pictures you take of the eclipse will make everyone on Instagram suuuper jealous.

1. Silo 5

For the adventurous Montrealer, climbing on top of the Silo 5 Complex in the Old Port is the perfect way to check out the lunar eclipse. As we've already seen, the views of the city from this spot are beautiful - can't you just imagine how much more awesome it'd be with an orange moon hanging overhead?

2. Mount Royal Summit

Drive (or walk?) up to the summit of Mount Royal for a spectacular. You know the spot - the one with all of the cars with fogged up windows that makes you feel like you're in a 1950s romantic comedy.

3. Beaver Lake

Another cool spot on the mountain to kind of just lay out and enjoy the eclipse is Beaver Lake. Bring some blankets and sit around the lake with a few friend - this is a great option for all you nature lovers out there. Beaver Lake always feels so simple and quiet, which is pretty much the perfect atmosphere for watching this amazing natural phenomenon.

4. La Fontaine Park

Grab a blanket, pack a wicker basket, pick up some wine and head to La Fontaine park for a late night picnic under the lunar eclipse. Do you have a special someone in your life? Bring them! It doesn't get more romantic than this.

5. Your own Roof

If you're lucky and you can get on to your building's roof, do it. If you start getting it ready early enough, you can set up a whole little space up there - maybe even a fort? - with candles/lights, pillows and blankets, food, drinks, etc. Get a bunch of friends to come over and have a low-key, intimate evening with the besties.

6. Montreal's Construction Playground

If you feel like really making this a night to remember, explore Montreal's construction zones until you find a high, but relatively safe, crane to climb up. With so many of them around this city, we can probably find one for every soul brave enough to do this.

Disclaime: MTL Blog is not necessarily telling anyone to climb on to a crane - we're just stating that, technically, you'd get a pretty good view of the eclipse if you did.

7. Rue Notre-Dame

You're probably already familiar with rue Notre-Dame (near the bridge) because it's pretty much one of the best (free) fireworks viewing areas. Why not make it a lunar eclipse viewing area? All you need are some lawn chairs, maybe some spiked hot chocolate for when it gets a little cold, and good company.

8. 2108 Club Terrace

We already love Monday nights at 2108 Club Terrace because of Too Mucking Fuch Mondays! Want to get your drink on and dance to some awesome music, all while checking out the orange moon? Head to 2108 tonight - it's a guaranteed good time.

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