8 "Horror Movies" You Need To See At Montreal's 2017 "Fantasia International Film Festival"

Montreal is currently at full capacity. With all the tourists that are here for the various festivals, Montreal is at it's busiest time of the year. 

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One more festival that's in town but that isn't getting nearly as much attention as it deserves is the Fantasia Film Festival. It runs from July 13th to August 2nd and has some of the most hardcore fans in the world.

We decided to throw together a list of movies that seem like they're going to rock the house and that you cannot miss out on.

1) Animals

A mix of dark humour and over the top horror during a Swiss Alps retreat can only really end in one way: A hell of a good time. The director is Greg Sglinsky and the reviews are looking very promising.

2) Innocent Child

Japan seems to be pumping out quality horror movies like crazy because this "funhouse of horror" type film has gained a cult following will also be showing at the festival.

3) Le Manoir

This French film sees a technology-addicted group of friends decide to celebrate the New Year in an abandoned mansion with no reception or internet connection. You can see where this is going to lead.

4) The Night Watchmen

Three inept night watchmen have to work together with a journalist in order to save Baltimore from an attack of vampires. Sounds cheesy? Well it's won the awards and has the critical response to be a must-see.

5) Prey

A lion is on the loose in the streets (and the subway system) of Amsterdam and with legendary Dutch director Dick Maas at the helm, we couldn't be more excited.

6) Tilt

A recently unemployed documentary filmmaker gradually becomes unhinged while his wife becomes pregnant. I'm getting serious "The Shining" vibes and I'm loving it.

7) Tokyo Ghoul

A ghoul that has taken human form will have to learn how to survive in modern day Tokyo. He'll also have to keep the fact that he eats humans under wraps in this dark and gruesome fantasy that was also an official selection at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.

8) The Honour Farm

A psychedelic horror flick fit for the "coming of age" genre, this movie was also an official selection for SXSW and you'll even t get to meet the director Karen Skloss because she'll be in the attendance.

For more information on the festival as well as when and where all these fine films are being screened, visit the Fantasia Film Festival website here