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8 Hot Chocolate Recipes For 8 Montreal Boroughs

A chocolaty twist on the city.
8 Hot Chocolate Recipes For 8 Montreal Boroughs

Photo cred - Knar Bedian

Turns out Ned Stark was right, winter is coming.

If you haven't yet, it's time to start flipping through the back of your closet, and start finding where threw your winter jackets and boots last spring. The thermostat's dropping; the sky's getting dark at 6 PM; the autumn leaves are still pretty, but they'll turn into disgusting muck soon in the rainy weather. Is there a bright side at all at this point in fall?

Yes. Because you now have a free pass to drink all the hot chocolate in the world.

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Mile End/ Upper Plateau

Key words: Vegan, all-natural, fair-trade

Recipe: Rosemary Hot White Chocolate

In true hipster form, this unusual hot chocolate recipe includes green tea leaves, fresh herbs, and real vanilla beans. So much work to make just one cup, but what else are you going to do with all that barista-training and all your free time as an artsy freelancer?


Key words: Cozy, sweet, something to sip as you curl up next to a window to watch the last of the leaves from the trees outside

Recipe:Spicy Maple Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Spicy, intensely flavoured, and wonderfully creamy. If you've ever been to Café 92, you'll know that nothing cheers you up on a cold day better than the taste of chilli, cinnamon, and chocolate. Add the perfect Canadian twist with some maple syrup. What more do you want to come home to after a chilly walk through Monkland Village?

North Shore (Laval)

Key words: Fun, quick, something sugary to cheer you up on a lazy weekend.

Recipe: Boozy Adult Hot Chocolate

Use up the leftover alcohol from last night's party (and we know you had one). The recipe assumes you'd start from scratch by melting chocolate chips, but whatever. Booze up a boring cup of instant hot chocolate by adding chocolate syrup, a shot of chocolate liqueur, and dash of flavoured vodka.


Key words: impressive, decadent, not too difficult to make for someone who spends no time in the kitchen

Recipe: Melted Hot Chocolate With Sea Salt Whipped Cream

The average trendy Griffintown-er has an immaculate kitchen in her new condominium, mostly because she survives on work lunches and takeout. This hot chocolate is a sophisticated choice, delicately balancing the richness of dark chocolate, the sweetness from the honey (used instead of sugar), and the unexpected kick of flavour from the sprinkles of sea salt.

Turn on that high tech electric stove for once and treat yo'self to some homemade goodness.

Lower Plateau

Key words:Cool, hipster, instagram-worthy

Recipe: (Mock-Starbucks) Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

So you just graduated university, and now you're trying to be a real adult. But like, a cool adult. A cool adult with two cats, an active Netflix account, and a ton of followers on Instagram. You're anxious to avoid being labeled basic, now that you're too cool for Starbucks (you also probably can't afford Starbucks everyday, anyways).

Follow this recipe to get your fix at home. Make a mug-full, get out your best thrifted over-sized sweater, and Instagram yourself holding it before curling up to enjoy your weekend Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon.

West Island

Key words: Laid-back, healthy, something you can pour into a travel mug before you head to hockey or swimming or apple-picking

Recipe: Clean Hot Chocolate

Only 4 ingredients, and way less sugar and fat compared with commercial bought mixes.

The trick here is to put cocoa powder, sugar, and a spoonful of (diary or not) milk in the mug, stirring it to make a thick paste, and then adding the rest of the milk. This extra step makes your hot chocolate extra frothy and creamy, and it's still good for you without adding weird "superfood" ingredients like coconut oil or maca powder.

McGill Ghetto

Key words:Delicious, cheap, easily consumable while slightly drunk and very stressed

Recipe: 5 Ingredient Hot Cocoa Mix Microwave Brownies

Okay, so it's not hot chocolate technically. But hey, it includes hot cocoa mix! All you need are five ingredients, a microwave, and a 3 AM chocolate craving that hits you while you're panicking about midterms. These brownies even has greek yogurt in it, so you can honestly tell your parents back home that you're eating (kinda) healthy.

South Shore

Key words: Unpretentious, filling, and ready in five minutes or less because you have better things to do than care about complicated recipes.

Recipe: Two-Ingredient Nutella Hot Chocolate

Because two words: drinkable Nutella.

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