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8 Hottest One-Piece Swimsuit Styles You Can Get For Summer 2016

A new trend you need to be following.
8 Hottest One-Piece Swimsuit Styles You Can Get For Summer 2016

This is the summer of the one-piece bathing suit, and I have to say, it's a welcome change to the typical bikinis that resurface every year. I'm glad that the one-piece is finally seeing its (pun intended) day in the sun.

But let's dispel a common assumption that too many people have about one-pieces; that they're unsexy, and reserved for moms and professional swimmers. Trust me, when you see what's in style for one-pieces this year, you'll realize that myth couldn't be further from the truth.

There are no rules or rigid ideals about who can rock a one-piece; it just comes down to the style and design that you love best. It's time to show these awesome swimsuits the love they deserve. After all, the safety and security that a one-piece provides will save you from a lot of potentially embarrassing and stressful moments.

1. The low-back/cut-out back suit

A photo posted by @new_fashion_boutique_ on

A photo posted by Prendas Básicas by A? (@prendasbasicasbya) on

This is the style that seems to appear most often in one-pieces this summer; no matter what type or shape you're wearing, low and cut-out backs are a feature in most suits. The great thing is, the many variations mean that you can definitely find one that works for you.

Get the style here

2. A suit with lacing

Photo cred - H&M

A photo posted by © Andréa Parzani ?? (@laparzza) on

I love how effortlessly sexy the laced-up look is. For this season, lacing across the bust is most popular, but if you want to show off your legs, pick one that has lace-ups on the side. The adjustable strings allow you to be as modest or as daring as you please.

Get the style here

3. The high-necked/halter suit

A photo posted by Fashion and Wine Magazine (@fashionandwinemagazine) on

I think this might be my favourite one-piece look; I love how you get great coverage while still looking stylish and sexy. Halters come in many variations, from high up to the neck, to lower cuts with longer straps. Whatever you choose, I highly recommend trying out one of these suits - they're very adaptable for different bust sizes, which is a relief for all of us.

Get the style here

4. Side/front cut-out suits

Photo cred - Forever 21

If there's any style that proves one-pieces aren't boring or prudish, it's the daring cut-out styles that are all the rage right now. These lean more towards the tankini side of the swimsuit spectrum, so if you're a die-hard two piece girl, consider this style if you're hesitantly foraying into the one-piece world.

Get the style here

5. Low-v or deep-v suit

Photo cred - Victoria's Secret

That deep v, though. This suit is going to be a guaranteed jaw-dropper, but at the same time, it's so simplistic and elegant. If you're nervous about a potential slippage of sorts, then start off with a mid-length v, and once you build up more confidence, you can proudly move on to that plunging neckline.

Get the style here

6. The "side scoop" suit

A photo posted by Nat (@natgoodvibes) on

Anyone else feel like low-key side boob is the most popular trend of 2016? From bralettes, to tattoos, to open-sided shirts, girls are rocking side boob on the daily. And you know what? More power to us. One-piece bikinis with the "side scoop" are an awesome way to continue this trend, and the simple shape of the suit can work for any body type.

Get the style here and here

7. The mesh suit

Photo cred - Ardene

Mesh offers a whole new way to get that sultry look without sacrificing coverage or support. Whether you choose a suit with more mesh, like the one above, or one with just a hint on the sides or back, like the second photo, it's a simple and sexy way to rock a one-piece.

Get the style here and here

8. The 'classic shape' suit

Photo cred - Simons

While there are obviously tons of trendy options for one-pieces this year, the classic and simple shape never fails. These work well if you need endurance and reliable coverage in all places; like if you're going water skiing at a cottage, or playing in the waves all day. Aside from the durability factor, there's always something sexy about simplicity - find one that hugs your curves and accentuates your best features, and you're set.

Get the style here and here

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