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8 Insane Natural Water Slides Across Canada That You Absolutely Need To Visit

Slip into nature.

Canada is home to some amazing wonders that a majority of us have already explored. However, I bet that a lot of us have failed to indulge in Canada's natural water slides. I am sure that there are far more than 8, so feel free to comment some of your secret ones below!

These water slides are great for those adventurous couples and one is even located right here in Quebec! The water slides may be dangerous but with the proper equipment and precautions, anyone can have a insane and safe time. Not only are the water slides crazy fun, but their locations are absolutely stunning. And when there are natural water slides, there are also great spots for you to go cliff diving!

So, grab your Go Pro and enjoy a fabulous time at these pure Canadian Gems!

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1. Slide Down To Lynn Valley Canyon In B.C.

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For those who love heights, I suggest checking out the water slide in Lynn Valley Canyon since it holds a 35 foot drop into a pool of water. The Cayon itself is absolutely stunning so I suggest making a cute little nature day out of it by enjoying the views and then cooling off in style on the water slide!

2. Slide Down To Gaspésie Natural Water Slide In Quebec

Photo cred -@GriffonAdventure

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If you are adventurous but want to be as safe as possible on your first trip down a water slide, then I suggest checking out The natural water slide that is located right here in Quebec You and your friends can enjoy a guided trip that includes protective gear. For more information on reservations click here.

3. Slide Down To Ya-Ha Tinda Slides In Alberta

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For those who don't mind taking a short hike, then you should definitely check out the Ya-Ha Tinda natural water slide. This ranch is superb and stunning! It's great if you want to plan a camping trip since it is located inBanff National Park and is 3,945 hectares of land.

4. Slide Down To Barron River Natural Water Slide In Ontario

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This natural slide is located in Ontario’s Algonquin Park and is simple about 4 hours away from Montreal. This is a great location to travel to with some of your friends. I suggest camping and making a picnic while enjoying the fabulous tame natural water slide.

5. Slide Down To Ashton Creek Water Slides In B.C.

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Hike on up to the sick, insane, and darn right wild water slide in Ashton Creek. This is one of the craziest water slides so it has ropes to help you make your journey. You en up falling into a lovely pond while enjoying the great views of the park.

6. Slide Down To Cascade Falls In B.C.

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You’ll find this slide in Cascade Regional Park where the water is clear blue. The park is open April/May – Oct/Nov (weekends only). The water is fresh and absolutely stunning! The park offers cliff diving and natural water slide experiences.

7. Slide Down To Red Rock Canyon Alberta

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Red Rock Canyon is home to clear water and red rocks that make it drop dead gorgeous. In addition, they have these superb natural water slides that are perfect for fun in the sun. They have colorful roadside wildflowers and views of hanging valleys, alpine meadows, and jagged mountain peaks.

8. Slide Down To Syringa In B.C.

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Syringa Provincial Park is located west of Castlegar, on the shores of Lower Arrow Lake. They offer great camping locations and even more amazing natural water slides. I promise you that it will be a great time for you and your friends before summer ends!

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