8 Magical Destinations That Are Perfect For A Last Minute Summer Getaway Near Montreal

Long weekend ahead!
8 Magical Destinations That Are Perfect For A Last Minute Summer Getaway Near Montreal

Canada day weekend is right around the corner. And if you're into last minute and spontaneous planning like me, you probably want to get away from the city, but not sure where to go and where to stay.

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Well, fear not! We are here to help. Here are a few destinations that are close enough to Montreal for a long weekend and are all easy to access with tons of local accommodations in the surrounding areas.

1. Head towards Western Quebec and visit the most beautiful clear waters at Pink Lake

Distance from Montreal: 2.5 hours

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Why you should go: This stunning lake is located right near Ottawa in Chelsea Quebec, an area known for its breathtaking nature and beautiful lakes. This is a great destination for short vacations that are not too deep in the Canadian wilderness, and cabins can be rented in the Chelsea area for very affordable prices!

2. Head North to chill on the sandy beaches at Lac Taureau

Distance from Montreal: 2.5 hours

Why you should go: This awesome adventure lake is known for its long stretches of easy breezy sandy beaches, perfect for relaxing all day. The lake itself is located East of Mont Tremblant Park quite deep in nature, and is a great location for a day or long weekend trip with tons of cabin rentals in the area.

3. Head to Parc De L'ile Saint-Quentin to get a taste of the real Saint Lawrence River

Distance from Montreal: 2-hours

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Why you should go: Parc De L'ile Saint-Quentin is located right in Trois Riviere and is a natural, parked on the banks of the St-Lawrence River this natural gem boasts gorgeous views in the winter and sandy freshwater beaches in the summer. Yes, beaches! Say no more.

4. Take a quick trip to unwind on the lively sandy beaches of Plage De Saint-Zotique

Distance from Montreal: 1 hours

Why you should go: This man-made beach only 1-hour West of the city is the perfect spot to go if you need a quick battery re-charge or you can find a rental in the area and stay for a couple days if you really need a boost. This is a busy family spot though, so if you're looking for a remote and secluded destination, this might not be the place.

5. Head to Lac Des Sables to swim in crystal clear waters

Distance from Montreal: 2- hours

Why you should go: Beautiful clear water and even more beautiful sunsets, this lake is the definition of hidden gem. Located in the Saint-Agathe-Des-Mont area of Quebec just a short 2-hour drive north of the city, this spot makes for an easy day trip when you need to cool off and unwind after a long week.

6. Head to Bluffers Beach, Ontario for stunning views and turquoise waters

Distance from Montreal: 4.5 hours

Why you should go: Also on the banks of the very big Lake Ontario, Bluffers beach is located just south of Scarborough Ontario - super close to the downtown Toronto core - and is a 4-hour drive from Montreal. This stunning natural gem is also perfect for day hiking and boating. You can hop over to Toronto to spend the night in the big city afterward.

7. Visit Sand Banks Provincial Park, for stunning vast lakefront views and long sandy beaches

Distance from Montreal: 4 - hours

Why you should go: Sandbanks Provincial Park is located on the shores of Lake Ontario not too far outside Belleville Ontario. This secluded natural gem is a great spot for that weekend get-away in the Summer. There are tons of cute B&Bs and Inns in the area if you need to stay overnight, too. If you need to escape Montreal for a weekend why not visit one of the most beautiful and largest fresh bodies of water in Canada.

8. Head to Ogunquit Beach for a real New England experience

Distance from Montreal: 5 hours

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Why you should go: Ogunquit means "beautiful place by the sea" and indeed it is. This popular Maine destination is about 5 hours from Montreal, too far for the day - but, perfect for the long weekend. This beach is New England charm at it's best.

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