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8 Montreal Brunch Spots Have Been Ranked Among The 50 Best In All Of Canada

Do you just ABSOLUTELY love brunch? Well, I know I do and TBH it's sometimes hard to find a top notch breakfast place in Montreal since there are SO many brunch spots. However, I have some FABULOUS news for you, 8 of Montreal's brunch spots have actually made the top 50 list of best in Canada for 2017!

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The list of restaurants was based on an analysis of 480,000+ reviews of more than 2,000 restaurants across the country — all submitted by verified OpenTable diners. So, instead of struggling to find that perfect spot with the best food, just follow this list and you are guaranteed a stupendous morning. 

1. Bistro Nolah

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3669 St Johns Blvd

If you happen to be in the West Island this summer, you absolutely must check out Bistro Nolah. Not only is their terrasse adorable, but it is also ranked as THE BEST place to get breakfast in Montreal!


2. H4C Place Saint-Henri

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538 Place Saint-Henri

This 19th century location has transformed from a former post office to a GORGEOUS restaurant that offers a great brunch menu. Trust me, this will make every morning 514% better in Montreal this summer.


3. Hoogan & Beaufort

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4095 Rue Molson, Montréal

For a cute little brunch date, I suggest going to Hoogan and Beaufort! This is honestly a perfect place to go for that extra special person of yours! The food is superb and the location is very charming!


4. Bistrot La Fabrique

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3609 St Denis St

Enjoy a full restaurant experience by heading to Bistrot La Fabrique. They have an open kitchen concept that allows you to see and smell your delicious food as it is being made.


5. Lawrence Restaurant

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5201 St Laurent Blvd

This vintage brunch spot is truly like no other. With unique options from British expat Marc Cohen, I guarantee that your mouth will be watering all morning long!


6. Maison Boulud

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1228 Rue Sherbrooke O

For that fancy brunch, I suggest heading to Maison Boulud. It is stunning and great for a cute romantic day. It's a perfect place for you to wear that gorgeous summer dress you love so much.


7. Restaurant Leméac

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1045 Avenue Laurier O

This chic French bistro offers some of the most AMAZING brunch dishes that aren't just pretty in pictures, but delightful to eat. Not only is the inside decor sweet, but their outdoors patio makes for a great morning .


8. XO Le Restaurant

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355 Rue Saint-Jacques

For a chandelier lit brunch date in an intimate and romantic location, I suggest going to XO. It is absolutely stunning and a great place to eat some delicious food with the one of your dreams!


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