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8 Montreal Companies That Want To Pay You To Be In Movies This Summer

In Montreal there is a big demand for part-time work and summer jobs, especially for students.

And if you're not the type of person who feels like spending the whole summer as a lifeguard or a barista, then perhaps you should consider another option:

You can become a movie extra in Montreal.

As you may know, Montreal's popularity as a film location is skyrocketing, so the demand for movie extras is bigger than ever.

Here are 8 companies where you can get hired as a movie extra in Montreal:

1. A.C.T.R.A.

Biggest representative of English language actors in Canada.

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2. Montreal Extras

All you gotta do is sign up.

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3. Elite Casting

All kinds of casting from movie extras to lead actors.

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4. Total Casting

Everything from films and animation, to video game voices.

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5. Figuration Julie Breton

Specializing in French language films and Canadian productions.

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6. Casting Quarters

Everything from small local productions to summer blockbusters.

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7. Montreal Casting

Background performers, crowds fillers, stuntmen, stand-ins and body doubles.

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8. Kenyon Wells Casting

For when you're looking for more serious roles.

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