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Top 10 Biggest Food Ripoffs In Montreal

Because 'fvck you', that's why!
Top 10 Biggest Food Ripoffs In Montreal

When you go out to a restaurant you're not just paying for the food, you're paying for the experience. But let's face it, sometimes the experience isn't worth the ridiculous price you're paying for certain food items.

Some food is overpriced just because it has a reputation for being expensive so we don't even question the exorbitant prices, even we know in our hearts there's no way 3 shrimp in a cup of ice could possibly cost $15.

However, some food is overpriced ... because "fuck you", that's why.

1. Bottle of water at Osheaga

I don't blame you for not remembering, your Osheaga memories are probably fuzzy at best. I can't remember how much it cost exactly but based on what I had left in my wallet at the end of the weekend, I estimate it was about $20,000.

2. McDonald's at La Ronde

A day at La Ronde can be pretty expensive. So you tell yourself, I'll just head to McDonald's for a reasonably priced lunch. But little did you know that trios don't exist at La Ronde, so you're paying for menu items individually. Who knew a Big Mac could be so expensive.

3. Sushi

Sure, some sushi is as expensive at it needs to be, but some of them don't even have fish and they're not much cheaper than the rest. I don't care how much skill it takes, there's no reason why a tiny avocado square and half a spoonful of rice can be worth what they charge.

4. Anything at the Bell Center

At the price you're paying for a nachos and a bottle of water, you expect to have it delivered to your seat. But sadly you're stuck waiting in line for half an hour during intermission to pay $12 for a can of beer.

Photo cred - onemileatatime

5. Continental Breakfast

They call is continental breakfast because calling it "breakfast" would be a blatant lie. It's a snack at best. It'll cost you the price of a full brunch, but you'll have to settle for a mini croissant and handful of grapes and a stale muffin.

6. Orange Juice

While we're on the topic of breakfast foods, you ever notice how breakfast costs double when you decide to order a glass of orange juice? And I'm not talking about the freshly squeezed kind either, I'm talking about $8 for a glass of Tropicana.

7. Movie Popcorn

Popcorn should be the world's cheapest food, but movie theaters have no problem charging you $10 for it. Maybe it's that special salty stuff they put on it that's so expensive. I heard it's made with unobatainium.

8. Queue de Castor

Donuts are typically cost 99 cents, but for some reason when you flatten one and throw on a few slices of banana you can charge $8 for it. The only way that's acceptable is if you're having a Queue de Castor Poutine.

9. Salad

Every once in awhile I become delusional about my health and decided to skip the fast food and grab a salad instead. I'm sure it will be filling, it costs $15. At that price it probably comes with a cheeseburger on top right ... RIGHT?!

Photo cred - realgoodfish

10. Oysters

I get that they're hard to obtain, but they require absolutely no preparation. According to Business Insider, oysters come at a 3000% markup. Be right back, going to start my own oyster farm.

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