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8 Montreal Places That Would Make Awesome Supervillain Lairs

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8 Montreal Places That Would Make Awesome Supervillain Lairs

Upon one of my many, many internet patrol sessions, I came across an article that nominated the top 6 places that would make awesome supervillain lairs. Number 3 on the list was none other than Habitat '67 in Montreal. Then it got me thinking, Habitat 67 isn't even the most evil looking place here. There are plenty of places in the city that would make better lairs. So here are the 8 Montreal places that would be awesome supervillain lairs.

1. The Biosphere

This place is clearly evil, you can tell just by looking at it. Even the name sounds like an evil lab where they would do insane cross-species mutations. I'm pretty sure that's where Sharktopus was created. I can picture the top of the dome opening so that a villain could escape using some kind of flying pirate ship.

2. The Guaranteed Pure Milk Bottle

A giant milk jug right in the middle of the city. Sounds like the perfect lair for Catwoman if you ask me. And you know there's going to be a pimping lounge inside there, possibly with a hot-tub filled with milk (can you imagine how bad that would smell after a few hours?)

Photo cred - villageofjoy (edited by Jeremy Hazan)

3. The Olympic Stadium

A giant curved tower perched atop a giant dome that could collapse at any second? Sounds pretty evil. I didn't even need to add the Eye Of Sauron, but it just fit so nicely up there I couldn't help myself. Plus when the villain captures the hero he can just tie him up under the roof and wait for it to collapse like one of those unnecessarily slow killing devices James Bond is usually strapped to.

4. St-Joseph Oratory

At first this just seemed like a really awesome Vampire-Nun lair but they would probably have a bit of trouble with all those crosses. Then I realized the dome would be perfect for Dr. Evil.

5. Habitat '67

The inspiration for this post. After all it's pretty impressive that out of all the evil looking places on earth, this one was chosen to be among the top 6 supervillain lairs in the world.

6. Silo 5

Abandoned warehouses always make great supervillain lairs. They're old, they're creepy, they offer tons of places for traps and they're full of fun things villains can use to kill heroes, like slow moving conveyor belts with giants saws at the end.

7. The Underground Cave

Yup, Montreal has a secret underground cave you can access near Pie IX. And nothing sounds more evil than "secret underground cave." Perfect for any kind of rodent based supervillain persona.

8. McGill Tower

It's big, it's pointy, it even has little evil spikes on every corner. You can attach any number of evil doomsday devices on the roof. Plus, the top looks like it could open up to launch nuclear warheads. It can also double up as the corporate headquarters for some evil organisation like Mugatu.

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